urmmmmm bushing merr tettttth

Was brushing my teeth when my Mom called me.

“urmmmmm bushing merr tettttth”

“har WHAT?”

“urmmmmm bushing merr tettttth”


“AM BRUSHING MY TEETH”. Cue toothpaste and saliva dripping onto table and phone.

“Oh, call me back!”. Click.

So I called my Mom back after I’ve finished with my ablutions*.

*So thesaurus.com right? LOL. Learnt that trick from another celebrity blogger.

Anyway….my mom wanted to tell me that my brother’s car almost got stolen. He was going for his morning badminton session and found the inside of his car, near the ignition exposed. Asshole had ripped out the housing. He had gotten into the car by smashing the window.

Well, something must have scared him for him to not drive the car away. So lucky for us, it could have been the second stolen vehicle incident in our family. Yeah, my Mom’s car got stolen before.

Damn..security nowadays is so lax man!