A Pie Thing – delicious pies in Damansara Utama

“A Pie Thing” is a restaurant that opened in Damansara Utama recently. By the sound of the name you should already know that they specialise in pies.

The restaurant is located along the row of shops facing the Damansara-Puchong Highway (LDP).

# – “A Pie Thing”.

While there is no halal certification, the restaurant does not serve alcohol or pork. There was one tip I read on Facebook that stated the chicken and the beef used are from legitimate Halal suppliers. How true, I do not know.

# – Open from 4pm until pies are sold out.

Nevertheless, during our time there, there were Muslim customers who visited so I think should be quite safe :)

There are a variety of pies both savory and sweet.

# – Savory pies: chicken + mushrooms, lamb, beef, spinach + cheese and others.

# – Sweet pies: nutella, smores, sweet potatoes, apples and others.

# – There is also a counter selling chocolates!

Decor in the restaurant is quite simple but still comfortable.

# – Modern and simple.

Ok, what about the taste of the pies in “A Pie Thing”? Frankly, VERY TASTY!

Crispy, short pastry with strong aroma of butter and savory fillings! The mash and mushy peas were also very tasty (I am particular and make my own mushy peas at home :P).

You can order the special combo called “The Mashacre” which includes a savoury pie, mash, mushy peas, gravy and a drink.

They also serve a variety of coffees and teas.

# – I ordered a chicken + mushroom pie while G ordered steak pie. Delicious!

# – I was there!

# – The inside of steak pie.

# – The inside of chicken + mushroom pie.

Of course, it’s a must to try the dessert before leaving. We ordered smores pie (chocolate with roasted marshmallow).

# – Smores pie….omggggggg.

We love “A Pie Thing”. It’s really hard to get good pies in KL/PJ, the pastries were often soggy or too hard or had uninspiring fillings.

With the presence of “A Pie Thing”, the residents of Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur can now enjoy delicious pies :)

A Pie Thing
128g, Jalan SS21/35,
Damansara Utama
47400 Petaling Jaya,
Operating hours: 4pm – 12am (or until pies are sold out)

17 thoughts on “A Pie Thing – delicious pies in Damansara Utama”

  1. Kimberly, the pies look so good. Sadly there are no strawberry, blueberry or peach pies. Those are some of the best summer fruit pies. Apple pies are my favourtie followed by any fruit pie.

    Now just a scoop of good vanilla ice-cream . . . . happiness!


  2. Kimberly, the smores pie looks very good and appealing.

    Have to ask are graham crackers part of this pie?

    The traditional recipe for S’mores, includes:
    1 (6-ounce) chocolate bar (recommended: Hershey’s)*
    8 jumbo-size marshmallows
    8 full honey-flavored graham cracker sections (can substitute cinnamon-flavored graham crackers or chocolate-flavored graham crackers)

    Recipe from: https://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/traditional-smores-recipe.html

    No graham crackers, it’s not S’mores.

    1. Actually been to this joint twice, had zero issues with parking. It’s on the quiet side of Uptown (not in the central square) and not many other restaurants around there.

  3. Because of your review, I went to try the pies out and love them! Bought 3 – the steak, pulled lamb and spinach and love them all. I am glad that I did not believe the bad review given by Karen-Michaela Tan on hungry go where website for “a pie thing” but chose to believe your review instead. Thanks! Do keep up the good work by reviewing more food places.

    1. Just went and read that review, it’s ridiculous. It’s ok to be fair, but seriously – did she suggest anywhere else in KL I can get a better pie? No. I have to say, she knows nothing about pies (and the peas/mash/gravy is not British it’s Australian ala Harry’s Cafe De Wheels in Sydney).

      Glad you went and tried it anyway :)

    2. Yay, glad you like the pies. We ate them again last night haha. Hmm, I read the review, it does sound rather harsh. I can’t speak for all pie lovers, but when I want pie I do mean pies with short crust pastry base and lid, not puff/flaky pastry.

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