A review on Hailam Kopitiam, SS2

After raving about Paparich to a friend, she recommended Hailam Kopitiam in SS2 as an alternative. According to her, the food is on par, if not better than Paparich and is much cheaper. I had to find out whether it’s true.

A little background, I only like Paparich for its range of steamed bread. It’s very hard to get that kind of light, pillow soft bread in KL nowadays. I could eat dozens of them in one sitting (although I have not tried it). As for the other dishes, I really can’t be bothered. Just the bread and yes, the soft boiled eggs.

So I went to Hailam Kopitiam determined to try the bread.

#1 – Hailam Cafe

I scanned through the huge menu (about 60 different dishes) and was a little disappointed that they did not serve steamed bread, only toasted ones. I ordered the toasted bun with kaya and butter anyway.

#2 – Toasted bun with kaya and butter.

First of all, I must clarify that the bun would have been quite awesome if I hadn’t yet tried the steamed bread in Paparich. I’m not saying it’s not worth a try but if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to steamed bread, then Hailam Kopitiam is not the place.

The toasted bun was just a toasted bun, normal with no attributes that particularly stood out. That said, I must note that they serve must tastier kaya than Paparich though. It’s more fragrant and less fluid. If only I could combine Hailam Kopitiam’s kaya with Paparich’s steamed bread :P

The drinks were pretty good. I had the lime juice and Boo the iced coffee. No giant servings but your wallet won’t feel so stretched ordering a 2nd glass as you would in Paparich.

#3 – Lime juice and iced coffee.

Hailam Kopitiam’s interior and atmosphere is not much different from all the modernised kopitiams that have mushroomed recently. It operates out of one shoplot so at peak times space is limited but still comfortable…as long as you don’t get to sit next to a spoilt, screaming brat through lunch.

#4 – This picture could have been taken in Old Town, Old Taste, Kluang Station, Paparich, and more recently – Lorong Seratus Tahun Curry Mee.

We also ordered other dishes.

#5 – Hainanese style chicken chop in mushroom sauce. My Nokia N97 for size comparison.

The chicken chop was average at best. It’s a pity, because everything from the portion to the chicken chop was right except for the mushroom sauce, which was bland and kind of tasted like coagulated starch. Perhaps I should have stuck to the classic Hainanese tomato-ish sauce. If you’re there, avoid mushroom sauce at all costs. As for me, I’d still head to Kluang Station for the perfect Hainanese chicken chop.

My babber ordered tom yam beehoon which he liked. I tried it too and it was pretty good. The vermicelli was properly cooked through and the taste of the fragrant tomyam was even throughout. I wouldn’t go all the way to Hailam Kopitiam to eat it though.

#6 – Tom yam beehoon.

In conclusion, for steamed bread I’d still go to Paparich. For Hainanese chicken chop, I’d still go to Kluang Station. For things like asam laksa and curry mee I’ll stick to my neighbourhood REAL kopitiam.

As I have mentioned earlier, Hailam Kopitiam has a huge selection of dishes including rice dishes that seemed attractive. And the pricing is very reasonable for its modern setup. So if you’re in SS2 and craving for that kind of food, Hailam Kopitiam is the place to go.

    Hailam Kopitiam Sdn Bhd
    No. 20, Jalan SS2/67,
    47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
    Tel : 03-7875 5652

Will review Paparich soon, been too busy wolfing down food than take any picture :P

9 thoughts on “A review on Hailam Kopitiam, SS2”

  1. avoid paparich bdr puteri puchong not bcos of the food but the stupid poor service. the rest so far i had was good.

    i saw thick fatty butter in the bun.. yum….

  2. xes: ftw!!

    suanie: refer to comment below :P

    st: -_-

    horng: hope it improves. the one i go to is in aman puri, kepong. they served raw eggs instead of soft boiled few times. after we finally cancelled the order, the boss gave us properly cooked complimentary soft boiled eggs. needless to say we were really pleased

    yatz: if it’s good, it’s good.

  3. Nice. I eat here 2-3 times a week since they first opened. The Fried Koay Teow is one of the nicer dishes not forgetting the special toast.


  4. This type of kopitiam , there are a few around, trying to create chains, generally a con job serve rubbishes, over price and poor lousy food, and using BLURRED foreign service people.

    In my opinion,the best type of food in Malaysia are the street food, tua char and non air con shop front type, usually runs by generations and generations of very quality conscious and undying love of their “brands” of foods, these people are our national treasures, that is what the labelled them in Japan

    Just watch Taiwanese food programs , you know what I am talking

    Street food are simply the best
    long live street food

    happy hunting and sharing

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