24 in 24 hours.

WARNING: This is a really long post with loads of pictures!!!

2008 is my year, the year of the Rat. Since I’ve lived through two full cycles, I think I can officially call myself an old fart :)

Every year, all I really want to do is to have a nice quiet meal with my loved ones…maybe blow out some candles after, for bonus. Partying? Oh well only if it’s in a nice restaurant where everyone can chit chat and catch up. Downing hard liquor in a crowded club and then worrying whether your friends would make it home in one piece? No, thank you.

The last time I partied on my birthday, it was my 21st. I got so drunk I was helpless against getting thrown into KY‘s pond -_-.

Here are some pictures from that memorable party, in chronological order:

#1 First drink of the evening.
First drink.

#2 Drink number X.

#3 Had to be assisted during cake cutting ceremony.
Had to be assisted during cake cutting ceremony.

#4 Sabotage.

#5 Slam dunk!
In the pond.

The wildest birthday I ever had was definitely my 20th though. My friends celebrated with me at a club and I got so smashed I was unable to lift up my head to puke properly. So, I ended up puking onto the table, of which I was resting my head on. Have you ever washed off petrified puke from your hair? I’m glad I don’t have pictures to remind me of that birthday.

Since then, all my birthdays have come and gone quietly. I don’t think this year would be particularly different either. My parents treated me to an early birthday dinner of ‘poonchoi‘ last Sunday.

I really enjoyed it :) My favourite bits were the braised sea cucumbers. Hmmm hmmm.

The whole clan.
The whole clan.

Poon choi
Poon choi.

There were more than 10 ingredients in the pot including abalone, scallops, prawns, sea cucumbers, tofu, yam, pork and I can’t remember the rest.

Manja-ing with my folks.

The best part about birthdays must be the ANGPOWs hehehehe.

Posing with granny.Posing with granny and my ANGPOW!

Uncle & Aunt.With my uncle and aunt and another ANGPOW!

With the Boo.
With the Boo!

Precious cousins.
With my most favourite cousins in the world!

The best men in my life.
With my two brothers.

Red wine.
Some red to go with the sinful food.

Wiped clean.
Wiped clean.

After the hearty dinner, we all went back to my folks for some durians. Dad made a killing at his friend’s orchard.

Stinky balls.

I <3 my cousin. This kid wanders around with his mohawk hairstyle and dances whenever he hears music. I got to post his dancing videos here soon. Too awesome. And he's only 5. Here is him being cheeky, trying to steal some nice fragrant durians. Caught in the act.
Caught in the act.

Reliable man or not? See if he knows how to open a durian! My boo has passed the test with flying colours, btw :) *so proud*

Macho man.
Daddy prepping up the durians.

Then it’s time for birthday song and candles :D

Happy Birthday to me :)

Mom got me a greetings pillow and CJ7 keychain. I may have scoffed 5 years ago but I really love them cause I felt like a little girl again with my Mommy.

Pressies from teh Mom. I felt like a little girl again, it’s all good :)

Senior and junior camwhorers.

At some point, my blue wig popped up and everyone had a field time playing with it, hehe.

Then the blue wig popped out.
Then the blue wig popped out.

My uncle having a go.

Lastly, the most disturbing image of the evening….

Disturbing stuff.

I’ll be 24 in 24 hours. Life is good :)

24 thoughts on “24 in 24 hours.”

  1. happy birthday in advance :D

    my 21st i got thrown into a pool without me being drunk even! KNS

    isnt poon choi a hakka dish? ahhaaha i guess papaboo wld have the same kind of durian test. hes alw asking me if a current bf 1-knows how to eat spicy, 2-likes durian 3-knows how to open one or not


  2. oh yeah, birthdays and getting drunk are things to remember… or not. i was stubbornly telling everyone i was just tipsy but in fact i was drunk on my bday this year. and of course, happy birthday kim!

  3. ‘I think I can officially call myself an old fart :)’

    Ptttth!!! Young fart!!! :-D

    I got married when I was 24 … bloody year of the snake!!! Bad decision, bad year for me. Hope the Rat is kind to you. :-)

    Oh, and Happy Birthday! Reason you went in the pond before … was it was a happy BATHday! ha ha! :-D

  4. Happy Birthday Kim! may you get prettier as you grow, erm, older? lol.

    btw your poonchoi is teh pawnz! so many abalone… *slurp slurp*

  5. Happy birthday Kim! :)

    I remember all the wild parties I had in my early twenties too. Now it’s more like sitting in a nice cafe (still with alcohol) but not binging so much. Oh well.

    You don’t stop having fun coz you grow old. You grow old coz you stop having fun.

    Many happy returns of the day.

  6. KY i wana join in the “throwing kim into the pond” thingy also!! hahaha and good thing u felt like a little girl again.. hahaha


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