My 5 weird habits.

I got tagged by one of my favourite bloggers, fellow narcissist and namesake, Kimfluttersby. I’m supposed to list down 5 weird habits and then pass the baton to 5 other bloggers. So here goes..

1. I sleep on a mattress on the floor. If I moved the mattress, I’d probably find a pile of boogers by the side of the wall. Yes, always the same spot.

2. I use Hazeline Snow on everything. Pimple, cracked lips, mosquito bites and etc. I think it’s miracle cream. Mom said it probably contains mercury.

3. I dislike a lot of people, but you won’t know who you are. Sometimes I put hexes on you.

4. I am extremely judgemental of people. I don’t think I can cure that. I don’t really tell them, but my feelings manifest themselves in subtle jibes.

5. When I feel like throwing an axe at somebody’s chest, I eat.

I hereby tag:

Sheen Lee

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