Sneak Preview of Thailand :)

I have returned from the Land of Smiles. Chalked up phone bill of RM813.82 but it’s okay. The trip was fabulous. I am tanned, gastronomically satiated and relaxed.

We enjoyed the best in accommodation, food and hospitality. See Tho Holidays absolutely exceeded my expectations and I’m not just saying it because I did not fork out a single cent for this trip. See Tho (yes, the owner of one of Thailand’s most successful travel agencies himself) personally took care of us throughout the trip. I’m pretty sure all of us on the trip can safely say that he’s become a friend.

Anyway, I have yet to unpack and have just managed to process a couple of pictures. I took over 900 pictures in the span of 5 days! Will take me a while to sort them out properly.

Here’s a quick preview…more to come!

Look Choob
Look Choob. Traditional Thai sweets made from mung bean paste, dunk in gelatin and then painted with food colouring.

Lady grilling catch of the day in Krabi town.

Boatman during island hopping trip.

Chicken Island
Posing with Chicken Island (on the right). Though many thought that it resembled a human body part ;)

Detailed account of my fab Thailand trip in the next few days!