24 in 24 hours.

WARNING: This is a really long post with loads of pictures!!!

2008 is my year, the year of the Rat. Since I’ve lived through two full cycles, I think I can officially call myself an old fart :)

Every year, all I really want to do is to have a nice quiet meal with my loved ones…maybe blow out some candles after, for bonus. Partying? Oh well only if it’s in a nice restaurant where everyone can chit chat and catch up. Downing hard liquor in a crowded club and then worrying whether your friends would make it home in one piece? No, thank you.

The last time I partied on my birthday, it was my 21st. I got so drunk I was helpless against getting thrown into KY‘s pond -_-.

Here are some pictures from that memorable party, in chronological order:

#1 First drink of the evening.
First drink.

#2 Drink number X.

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