21 thoughts on “Virility in SS2.”

  1. Nice piece of art. It’s reaally what’s in your mind as to what’s this object? If you think itis phallic, please check out with one oof your male friends and maybe you might note the difference!

  2. I’d like to send a probe into The Cave to find out what it’s all about.. Couple’s Cafe, they call themselves? Don’t wanna go in without knowing what it’s all about.

  3. klux: didn’t disney say the same thing? heh

    PB: lol it’s all part of a grandiose plan!

    linsey: no prize for guessing right :)

    dabido: refer to naeboo’s answer below lol

    tigerjoe: dont think it could mean anything other than that lol

    sotong: come back!!!!

    ky: want one at your house?

    nick: haha who knows after someone saw what you’ve commented here!

    naeboo: lol good one

    huai bin: that depends on your imagination

    suertes: you can try wearing a protective suit before probing.

    yumm: it’s actually an archway seen from the side :)

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