Dinner at Cafe Cafe.

At first he told me that he’s taking me to Boat House, which I was not very happy with the last time we were there. So I was quite disappointed when he said we’re having dinner there. But he drove past TTDI and said that he missed a turn. So I was helping him to find a U-Turn but he kept missing all the turns and by the time we passed Istana Negara, I knew he was taking me somewhere else.

We reached Cafe Cafe and I was so happy because I had wanted to go there for the longest time. He had already surprised me with a Liz Claiborne handbag and I hadn’t expected anymore surprises from him :)

We parked at the smelly back alley behind Cafe Cafe and in spite of the smell, it’s a very photogenic alley! Okay, I just wanted to camwhore…

Doing a bryan boy.
Doing a Bryan Boy with my new favourite bag.

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