My boyfriend is infuriating

Ok, so forgetting to inform me that he’d be late from work because he had sent his car to workshop is one thing. But geezus effing fries, misplacing his things and then keep asking me where they are just drives me stark raving mad. Especially after I had already been stuck in a jam for two hours to fetch him for dinner (car in workshop, remember) and my right knee felt like it’s about to fall off my thigh.

“Babber, where’s the garmin charger?”

“Babber, where’s the nikon charger?”

“Babber, where’s the ds lite charger?

“Babber, I looked EVERYWHERE! I can’t find it. Where did you put it?”

OIIIIIII. Why you asked me where I put it? Why would I misplace your things for fun hah?

“Babber, why are so you mad?? It’s just a question. I’m not accusing you….”

/huffing & puffing

“Babber, why are you looking so crazy? I didn’t even raise my voice what?”

Maybe they’re still in the suitcase…

“Babbber! You unpacked the suitcase, you should take it out and look for the chargers lor”


“You said it’s in the suitcase what. So you must have misplaced them”


“Look for them lor…you must have misplaced mah”


So ok I looked for it. Garmin charger was found hidden between the sofa cushions. And nikon charger, guess what? He didn’t even took it anywhere in the first place, it was just under the cabinet. Look EVERYWHERE huh???

And the DS lite charger was right where it’s supposed to be.

Why are men so infuriating???

Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards Was the Real Deal!

Going to Singapore for Nuffnang Asia Pacific Awards was so fun. I got to dust off my 5 year old prom dress (praise the skies I can still fit) and wore it for the 2nd time. Mom bought it for me so hey mummy your money didn’t go to waste :P

The bus ride from KL to Singapore evoked a lot of painful memories. When I was working in Singapore right after uni, I would go home almost every weekend, whenever I had days off, at every chance I got. I was at my happiest when boarding the bus heading for KL. I naturally hate public transportation regardless of how convenient they are but I had no qualms changing a couple of SBS buses and trains just to go to some bus station at the other side of the island. My mom even joked that she saw me more often than when I was actually living in KL. On the other hand, taking the bus back to Singapore made me feel completely opposite. I would feel sick to my stomach, my head light and I would will myself over and over again to wake up from this nightmare. Suffice to say, I didn’t stay long enough to slit my wrist and trust me, I was close to doing that.

That’s why the idea of going to Singapore doesn’t always sit well with me. I guess I just had such a bad time there (mostly my own doing, unfortunately) that my mind just rebels against it.

It’s definitely gotten better over time though. It started with a work trip to Singapore which was really fun. Then there was the Oasis concert which was MIND BLOWING. And the latest, for the Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards. To be honest, I almost did not attend. Singapore and Kimberly just don’t mesh very well. I even toyed with the idea of faking a relative’s death just to avoid going (sorry Robb and Tim :P). But alas, I do pride myself as one of the earliest Nuffnang bloggers and especially since it’s its largest event to date, I felt like I couldn’t miss it for the world. Especially not for some stinking old deja vu. Thank goodness I still had some common sense at the worst of times.

It was very well-organised! Nuffnang Singapore & Malaysia single-handedly put together an incredibly memorable event. For those who weren’t there, I’m sorry you didn’t get to watch the video about Nuffnang’s story. It was such a great video, it almost drove me to tears, of pride, hello? And most of it was so funny, I laughed so hard I just couldn’t pretend to be elegant in my dress anymore.

I’ve never seen so many bloggers at one time before. It was quite surreal, that everybody there has a blog! It was cool!

With ST, the fabulous Red Mummy and beautiful Jojo Struys.

So what’s the most common activity at a blog awards? Camwhoring of course!

Red Mummy’s got the nicer booty!

Ban cute with Yee Hou. Thanks for being such a good group leader :)

With Jolene.

With ST.

Congratulations to all the winners! Thank you Pringles and Singapore Tourism Board and of course Nuffnang for such a wonderful time. I think this cynical Malaysian would actually look forward to going to Singapore from now on. Hehe.