My boyfriend is infuriating

Ok, so forgetting to inform me that he’d be late from work because he had sent his car to workshop is one thing. But geezus effing fries, misplacing his things and then keep asking me where they are just drives me stark raving mad. Especially after I had already been stuck in a jam for two hours to fetch him for dinner (car in workshop, remember) and my right knee felt like it’s about to fall off my thigh.

“Babber, where’s the garmin charger?”

“Babber, where’s the nikon charger?”

“Babber, where’s the ds lite charger?

“Babber, I looked EVERYWHERE! I can’t find it. Where did you put it?”

OIIIIIII. Why you asked me where I put it? Why would I misplace your things for fun hah?

“Babber, why are so you mad?? It’s just a question. I’m not accusing you….”

/huffing & puffing

“Babber, why are you looking so crazy? I didn’t even raise my voice what?”

Maybe they’re still in the suitcase…

“Babbber! You unpacked the suitcase, you should take it out and look for the chargers lor”


“You said it’s in the suitcase what. So you must have misplaced them”


“Look for them lor…you must have misplaced mah”


So ok I looked for it. Garmin charger was found hidden between the sofa cushions. And nikon charger, guess what? He didn’t even took it anywhere in the first place, it was just under the cabinet. Look EVERYWHERE huh???

And the DS lite charger was right where it’s supposed to be.

Why are men so infuriating???

12 thoughts on “My boyfriend is infuriating”

  1. Kimberly,

    Yes we men can be infuriating.

    Your BF appears to be a less than organized fellow.
    Does he repeat this behavior often?

    If he does you might want to talk quietly with him about the consequences of his continued misplacing chargers or other items he routinely misplaces with a cautionary warning that the time might come where you do not where the missing item is located. What does he do if you are not there, tear the room apart looking for items?

    At least you appear even tempered, and not mean about his absentmindedness.

    Have a great weekend!


  2. Yah at that point it’s like “MCH stoopid fella”… then after that (like a couple of hours later) it’s like “Haiyo…nevermindla…small matter.”

    Have a good weekend yo!

  3. not all men are like that, i am sure there is always opportunities for improvement. just remind him to unpack his gadgets and place em… that way, he is responsible for his part.

    alright, now chill and go get a nice scoop of cold stone ice cream

  4. ky: /breathe in /breathe out

    david: my bf is like a broken record, keeps doing the same thing.

    mell: pradaaaaaaaaaaaa gucciiiiiiiiiiii

    horng: yeah, mine!

    lyn: aih what to do…we chose the men. haha

    crash: those who are not like that, mebbe they prefer men? haha

    god: yeah, pretty sure our male ancestors must have forgotten where he kept his plastic pusseh

    aud: but sometimes i get to urge to wrap my fingers around his neck and squeeze :P

    bee: true that haha.

  5. haha… no doubt some of them are gay! but most are not. i know some girls are worse!! they have their dirty clothes all over the bed and floor.. food boxes on the floor or table for weeks. eeeewwww…. pukes~~

  6. Think of it that he would not be able to find anything without you. Remind him of that from time to time. “How will you ever live without me?”

    Note : Reminders gets stronger come your birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s. etc etc

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