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1st October 2009

I woke up at 3.30pm. -_-

Had plans to blog about Arthur’s Day but it’s botched now because I need to watch The Sopranos and then cook drunch.

After weeks of not playing Guitar Hero due to a bad lag on the Samsung 46″ LCD, the world is right again. Babber bought a Wii component cable which removes the lag but now there’s a new problem. We get headaches shifting our eyes from side to side because tv is too big for our tiny apartment. No space to stand further back!

Btw, do you know that Rupert Grint, the nerdy red-haired boy in Harry Potter is now starring in Cherrybomb? It’s an edgy indie film with tonnes of sex scenes. At first I couldn’t even imagine Ron Weasley snogging another girl but wow I was impressed. I’ve watched the trailer and think it looks good.

And ladies and gentlemen, today is KY‘s birthday! Please hop over to his blog to wish the man a happy birthday! :D


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