Men will be boys.

My boyfriend has a weekly routine of playing badminton with his buddies. I don’t really fancy that because I’m just clingy & psychotic like that. So I always try to get him out of it, feigning tonnes of excuses to get him to spend time with me instead of his racquet and the shuddercock. Most times he accommodates but sometimes he blew me off.

These couple of weeks though, he’s been really good, spending all his time with me instead of hitting the court. I’ve been very pleased and thought he had finally come to his senses on how a majorly enjoyable company I am and how he loves me so much that he wants to spend every waking minute with me. I of course, took care not to ask him why he hadn’t been playing badminton lest it reminded him of how much he enjoys the game and decided to go back to leaving me alone for two hours and then coming home in perspiration soaked clothes that stink up the apartment.

Today, while on the way to dinner, he suddenly mentioned that he hadn’t been playing badminton for so long and he misses it. As the understanding girlfriend, of course I was forced to ask him in the most tender way, “How come you haven’t been playing, babber?”

“Cause I want to spend time with you lor”. My heart star burst into a million rays of pure love. Safe to say, I was in a great mood despite my tiring day at work.

A while later, we chatted about Charlie, our canine son. How his smell permeated his new car and all and how useful the car seat covers for pets are. I wholeheartedly agreed with him…..till he said, “Yeah, I’m planning to buy one for the driver’s seat too so that my sweat won’t get absorbed into it”.


My boyfriend is infuriating

Ok, so forgetting to inform me that he’d be late from work because he had sent his car to workshop is one thing. But geezus effing fries, misplacing his things and then keep asking me where they are just drives me stark raving mad. Especially after I had already been stuck in a jam for two hours to fetch him for dinner (car in workshop, remember) and my right knee felt like it’s about to fall off my thigh.

“Babber, where’s the garmin charger?”

“Babber, where’s the nikon charger?”

“Babber, where’s the ds lite charger?

“Babber, I looked EVERYWHERE! I can’t find it. Where did you put it?”

OIIIIIII. Why you asked me where I put it? Why would I misplace your things for fun hah?

“Babber, why are so you mad?? It’s just a question. I’m not accusing you….”

/huffing & puffing

“Babber, why are you looking so crazy? I didn’t even raise my voice what?”

Maybe they’re still in the suitcase…

“Babbber! You unpacked the suitcase, you should take it out and look for the chargers lor”


“You said it’s in the suitcase what. So you must have misplaced them”


“Look for them lor…you must have misplaced mah”


So ok I looked for it. Garmin charger was found hidden between the sofa cushions. And nikon charger, guess what? He didn’t even took it anywhere in the first place, it was just under the cabinet. Look EVERYWHERE huh???

And the DS lite charger was right where it’s supposed to be.

Why are men so infuriating???

Boob scare and stupid man.

sunny^kimberly says:
eh they can’t unscamble my mosaics pictures rite?

sunny^kimberly says:
i was atcually naked!

.: :. says:

.: :. says:
only for text

.: :. says:
can sometimes decipher the text underneath

.: :. says:
cos it produces reproduceable patterns

sunny^kimberly says:
ah okies

.: :. says:
not like anyway one has a database of boobs they can reverse engineer your squares too

sunny^kimberly says:

sunny^kimberly says:
just checking…scared mah


Had a fight with the boyfriend over dinner. I wanted to have lamb shank at Marmalade for the past week and he had said he would take me there. I was all made up and ready to go but he kept tapping on at his keyboard for Utopia -_-. After over an hour of waiting, I asked him whether we would still want to go out and you know what he did? He shrugged his shoulders and said, “guess so”. I got even more pissed! I only had two slices of garlic bread the whole day and was starving and was in no state of mind for complete apathy.

I waited for a little bit more, then I yelled, “fine” and ate two slices of bread, which were a bit stale. As I was chomping on the stale bread, I felt even more cheated. I mean, gawd, I drove all the way to his place to spend time with him and he would rather play his f–king Utopia. That game doesn’t even have moving graphics!

So I stopped chomping and started packing my clothes to head back to my parents’. He saw me packing and to his credit, he came out of his study and watched me pack. But listen to this, he just watched. Just watched ok, not a single word from his mouth, not a single apology. Didn’t even ask me to stay. What really really pissed me off was that he had the nerves to ask me to stay for several more days the day before. Arghhh.

Anyway, I got hungry again half way through packing and decided to finish up my stale bread. I felt so pathetic ok! Then I carried all my bags out and he still carried on watching and didn’t say a word. Men are stupid.

Finally I got into my car and was breathing sigh of relief. At least I could go back to where there is Astro on Demand and hokkienmee and where only I bully people and not get bullied.

As my car rolled barely 10 metres down the road, I started to hear this weird rumbling sound and then my car started veering to the left. Stopped the car and found a puncture on the front right tyre. F–k f–kity f–k!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Drove back and parked even further from where I parked before and had to haul my bags back in again.

Punctured tyre.
Punctured tyre.

Punctured tyre.

And found the boyfriend watching tv!

Anyway, long story short. We made up but of course, I made the initiative (need someone to fix the tyre omg). I ended up eating Micky D’s porridge and fried chicken.

I just need to find a way to delete Utopia from his life.

So, do you think I’m being unreasonable here? I do believe he’s just emotionally inept as with other men. Have your bf/hubbies driven you crazy like that? OMG tell me please cause I can feel another wave of rage coming up (I admit I’m a pyscho!).