September 21, 2009 - Narcissism is Necessary

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Dog ladies.

Daddy was in China on one of his cheapass but kickass golfing trips, one brother vacationing in Kuantan with his girlfriend and my baby brother toiling for $$$ in Mcdonald’s, so Mummy dropped by over the weekends with Sisi and Brad.

#1 – The original dog lady with, [L to R] Brad, Sisi, Charlie.

Was nice to have my mom over. I finally got to speak in cantonese ching ching chong chong away and got my fill of family gossips for the month.

#2 – This is Charlie’s behsong look.

Brad and Charlie are still not friends. It’s a pity cause they’re so lovely together as puppies. Maybe after cutting Charlie’s balls off the situation would not be so hostile anymore.

#3 – Brad hiding from Charlie by trying to blend into my mom’s trousers.

Since spaying Sisi, she’s not so moody anymore and she’s gained a bit more weight. I’m so glad she’s looking much healthier these days.

#4 – Sisi says hi.

And I think this is me post-nose excavating, rolling the nugget into a ball of gold.

#5 – Just kidding.

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