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Everyone needs a hotdog.

I love tv suppers. The satisfaction of sitting on your arse, eating off a plate propped on your belly while watching banal reality shows…simply sublime.

We’re currently on an America’s Next Top Model marathon and we’ve developed an affinity for homemade hot dogs. You’d be surprised as to how easy it is to make these guilty pleasures.

#1 – America’s Next Top Model.

You’d need the hotdog buns, frankfurters, mustard, ketchup, cheese slices and black pepper.

#2 – Hotdog buns.

#3 – Frankfurters.

#4 – Mustard. More authentic to use American mustard I suppose but I’ve only got English mustard which I actually prefer because it gives more kick.

#5 – Coarse black pepper.

#6 – Ketchup. I insist on Heinz.

#7 – Cheese slices.

First of all, dump the franks into a pot of boiling water to cook.

#8 – Boil the weiners till cook.

#9 – Steam the hotdog buns for 10 minutes. You can skip this step if you want but we felt like going all the way.

#10 – Slather some mustard onto the bun then put a slice of cheese on it.

#11 – Now throw in the frank, squeeze over some ketchup and a dash of black pepper.

#12 – Voila! American hot dog for America’s Next Top Model.

#13 – If you must know, I had three of those.

Destroying my self-esteem watching ANTM? Please, all I need is a juicy hot dog to rescue my day. I recommend it to all women and men too.

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