Blue Cow Cafe, Plaza Damas.

In my search for good pet-friendly restaurants, I discovered Blue Cow Cafe at Plaza Damas. Formerly known as Fogal Meat Market, it was renamed as Blue Cow Cafe but the restaurant decor and menu has not changed much.

#1 – Blue Cow Cafe, Plaza Damas.

Situated in the labyrinth that is Plaza Damas, we had trouble locating it at first. In fact our first time there almost did not happen because after walking for about 45 minutes searching for the restaurant I had wanted to give up. Fortunately, the boo managed to find it in the nick of time. I’m glad we did because it has become our regular haunt for good ol’ pork dishes.

There’s an impressive meat deli in the restaurant which can render even the most stoic diner excited.

#2 – Meat haven.

I love the soups. Always piping hot and enough to be shared between 2 people. It was a rainy day and we decided to share a bowl of spicy tomato soup. It was very good, it’s got a bite to it and it wasn’t too sour.

#3 – Spicy tomato soup.

We’ve tried the pea & ham soup and also the creamy mushroom soup. Both were also very delicious. For my main, I ordered roast pork with apple sauce. I order this every time I visit Blue Cow Cafe.

#4 – Roast pork with apple sauce.

#5 – The fragrant apple sauce.

My favourite part of this dish is the crackling that come with. Fresh, delicious, crunchy, fatty pork crackling.

#6 – Pork crackling.

#7 – That’s a look of sheer happiness.

The babber ordered fish & chips.

#8 – Fish & chips.

According to him, it was very good. Batter was crispy and the fish was flaky. The chips were fresh and good.

#9 – Even Charlie approves.

We’ve been there half a dozen times and were happy every time. One thing though, trust me and don’t ever order the kebab. Everything else, the pies, the ribs, the dessert, the lamb stew were all delicious.

#10 – Christmas Roast Turkey.

They even have xmas roast turkey for order, and I intend to try it out this year.

#11 – The patio area of Blue Cow Cafe.

Price wise it is very reasonable. For instance, the big bowl of soup is about RM11. My roast pork with apple sauce is just shy of RM20.

The atmosphere would actually be pretty good if it weren’t for the nearby construction works. But that’s not a good enough reason to avoid Blue Cow Cafe. For a pork and pet lover, it’s a perfect place to go.

    The Blue Cow Cafe
    N-1-4, Plaza Damas
    No.60, Jalan Sri Hartamas
    Tel: 03-62013206
    It’s situated in the same row as Yoga Zone and it’s not inside the complex.