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Malam Tumpang Glamour

This post is a bit overdue but better late than never! Malam Tumpang Glamour (MTG) was organised by Reta, Elfie and Mike because parties do not have to be expensive to be fun. Their motto is: cheapass but kickass.

I can’t agree more. I always feel out of place at posh pretentious parties. And I almost never really enjoyed myself. I guess I’m just not that kind of person. I’m too loud when drunk, and too crass when sober. On that note, my wedding is going to be mad fun with loads of pork and booze. Just sayin’…

#1 – Always thought I’d make a good looking pirate. With Reta.

#2 – Inked Tattoo Studio. No drunken tattooing took place.

Held at Inked, the theme for the night was Misai hence I wore a plastic rapist’s moustache that I got from Daiso. That’s the only kind they were selling and it was quite uncomfortable. Skin couldn’t breathe, so I discarded it not long after.

#3 – emoCharlie lapping up all the attention.

So anyway, MTG really did kickass. It’s not only cheap, but all proceeds (nominal entrance fee of RM1) go to its favourite charity which is Furry Friends Farm. Great music on great sound system (thanks Hi-Volt) by the average men/women who think they are better than professional djs and fortunately, they are. Free booze by Tiger Beer. Got lucky draw for some awesome goodies somemore. And of course, it’s pet-friendly! Thank you MTG for giving me the opportunity to party with emoCharlie for the very first time!

#4 – Lucky draw. Spot Michael.

#5 – Suan, KY and Kura-kura chilling at the staircase.

#6 – Ah Horng and Elfie.

#7 – Ladies on the pool table. Most right pair of feet belongs to me btw.

Everyone had so much fun. I did too, although it was a little short-lived :P

#8 – I fell asleep with emoCharlie keeping an eye on me.

#9 – Guess the song.

Can’t remember much after that, a lil bit about wobbling down the stairs, vomit shooting through my nostrils etc.

Last picture:

#10 – Caption this.

We need more MTGs!

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