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Mash-up from the past.

These pictures were taken many months ago but were sort of forgotten. But now, they’re seeing the light of day!

# 9 August 2009. Was at the pet grooming shop when a fella brought in this shih tzu with massive, dirty hair and long dirty nails. According to the owner, the dog hadn’t taken a bath for 2 weeks. The dog’s fur was matted all the way to his skin it’s impossible to comb them out. So there’s no other way of making him handsome again other than to get a full shave. 2 weeks? Looks more like a year of neglect.

# 19 October 2009. At the bf’s office. Me. His coffee cup, a gift from me. Hmmm, don’t ask.

# 24 October 2009. This is a picture of 13 boxes of takoyaki balls, which translates into 39 pieces of balls shared among CL, KY, ST, Haze and myself. We were in Singapore for Nuffnang Blog Awards and while checking out the city, won some Takashimaya vouchers that we used to redeem 13 boxes of takoyaki balls. Tragically, by the final 2 balls, our stomachs gave up.

# 12 January 2010. Like mother, like son.

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Dog ladies.

Daddy was in China on one of his cheapass but kickass golfing trips, one brother vacationing in Kuantan with his girlfriend and my baby brother toiling for $$$ in Mcdonald’s, so Mummy dropped by over the weekends with Sisi and Brad.

#1 – The original dog lady with, [L to R] Brad, Sisi, Charlie.

Was nice to have my mom over. I finally got to speak in cantonese ching ching chong chong away and got my fill of family gossips for the month.

#2 – This is Charlie’s behsong look.

Brad and Charlie are still not friends. It’s a pity cause they’re so lovely together as puppies. Maybe after cutting Charlie’s balls off the situation would not be so hostile anymore.

#3 – Brad hiding from Charlie by trying to blend into my mom’s trousers.

Since spaying Sisi, she’s not so moody anymore and she’s gained a bit more weight. I’m so glad she’s looking much healthier these days.

#4 – Sisi says hi.

And I think this is me post-nose excavating, rolling the nugget into a ball of gold.

#5 – Just kidding.

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Sisi and Brad the shih tzus.

So I was back at my parents over the weekends. Got to see the other two shih tzus, Sisi and Brad. Sisi’s put on some weight but we’re determined to fatten her up even more…she’s still too boney. I blame it on the stupid pet shop owner (Pet Save in Pandan Indah) who has not a single clue about dogs. My mom, being very new to caring for a dog had followed her ill advice to a t (ie: only feeding 2 tiny portions of kibbles to a growing puppy wtf). Poor Sisi, we had no idea. Luckily, vet said she’s healthy in spite of her weight.

Sisi needs a haircut.

Brad is healthy with glossy black and white hair. He’s even bigger than Sisi now despite being the youngest of the lot. He’s awesome with very even temperament.

Brad the brat.

Can’t wait to see them two again.

Brad and Sisi
Brad and Sisi.

Brad and Sisi.
Can you tell which is which?

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