Wednesday whatevs.

Yesterday was a mega failure. Was fine till about 4pm, then I finished a whole bag of Pepperidge Farm soft-baked cookies and Maggi kari. Then at 11.30pm, I had a McD porridge and ayam goreng -_-.


I just had my first glass of Juvanex for the day. I will try to be a good girl today.


Remember the movie from the 90s, Multiplicity with Michael Keaton? I wish I could multiply like that.


An unhealthy obsession with Vanna White. Thank gawd for YouTube.

6 thoughts on “Wednesday whatevs.”

  1. I see some food name I’m hungry now! :) gonna go have MCD Big Mac now!! BUT better stay on your Juvanex else later complain again…

  2. here’s wat works for me, sort of…
    try convincing yourself that food sucks/eating sucks. make it like a mantra… everytime before u eat, u say it few times. lol
    or try starving urself for a day. for me, i got really busy one day and didnt eat much and my appetite for the whole week went with it as well…
    or try eating lots of mints or keep drinking green tea throughout the day.
    good luck!

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