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Hehe you all guessed wrong!

Hehe you’ve all guessed it wrong. I don’t need a printer, I’ve got one already! I don’t need a pda, my Nokia N82 is serving me amazingly well.

Actually, I got a massive notebook pc from Compaq HP :D

17″ of visual pleasure, baby. Since I’ve got an ultra portable notebook in the form of Asus EeePC, I figured that I’d need an upgrade from my Lenovo N100. All this “figuring out” happened within 1/2 hour. My original agenda was just to get an optical mouse and an 8gig SD card but I came across this beauty that is Compaq Presario A900 at a very affordable price (in the lower range of RM2000).

It’s so massive it’s even got its on numerical keyboard. I.VERY.LIKE. I wanted something I could use comfortably at home but yet still portable and this laptop is perfect. Since I picked up photography, I’ve been doing a lot of editing on Photoshop too, so the 17″ screen is perfect.

Compaq Presario A900.
Look ma, I’m digging me own nose!

There was some drama installing the OS too. I wasn’t keen on using Vista, so I decided to get the laptop without the OS so I could install XP at home. Okay, not me lah…the g33k that is my bf lah. After 8 hours, he still couldn’t get it installed, the damn thing just kept restarting itself. As for me, I got more panic by the second. We decided to catch a breather and escaped to McDonald’s at 3am. While eating we discussed the alternative options. Keep trying with XP or give up and use Vista?

Eventually, I was like okay, maybe it’s not really THAT bad, so lets just use Vista. Munching half way through my fillet o fish, my bf dropped the bomb.

“Yeah, it’s gonna use up 2gig of your memory just doing nothing”.

“What? You mean the vista?”

“Yeah”, continue munching on his quarter pounder nonchalantly.

I burst out crying. “So I just upgraded the ram to 3gig so that Vista can take up 2gig of if!?”. Sniff.


I was whimpering at this point. And the bf, he just laughed like an evil clown.

He’s so mean right?

So we went home and he tried to install XP for the final time. For some reason he decided to take out the new ram and voila, it worked! So for 8 hours we were dragged to a dead end by some faulty ram -_-.

Damn happy now. Hehehe but still have to go back to exchange the ram. But at least my gigantor laptop did not turn into an oversize brick!


We just stuck the 2gig ram back into gigantor and it’s working like a dream :D 3gig of memory to play with…come to momma photoshop actions…….w00t

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