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Friday regurgitation.

Just got back from lunch with the n00bs. Having my plain yogurt, trying to be a lil more healthy. I’ve picked up a really bad habit and sort of abandoned the good ones. It’s 2nd of May already, how time has passed. I still haven’t gotten around to start my gym regime and detox diet, eventhough I’ve vowed to start yesterday. Maybe tomorrow?

Yesterday I went on a trip with the n00bs to Kuala Gandah. We were there to check out the Camang waterfalls, elephant sanctuary and deer park (which is more like a petting zoo for various animals really). I had so much fun! This is way better than going out to the latest nightspots in town, hobnobbing with those self-absorbed nobodies that think they’re the “it” when they can barely scrap anything together to pay a nominal rent to their parents. Damn I hate pretentious people. Fake people. People with ulterior motives. People who can’t laugh at themselves. People who think the world owes them everything. People who blame others for their mistakes. People who blame their history for everything. People who can’t get a grip. People who talk about their emotions all the time.

Sorry I went really off :P

So yeah, I had a fabulous trip yesterday. The waterfall bit was awesome. We were all sitting on the huge bolder getting a spa treatment from nature, played with a lot of animals including elephants, ostriches, hedgehock, sun bear (yes!!!), sugar glider, deers and many more. We even fed some of them. It was awesome! Unfortunately I didn’t bring my camera so I’ll update with pics from various n00b to be posted later.

Heh I’m on the papers today. Nothing to do with me, was just at the same place when a food review was going on. Cavells is a really nice place to go to though, great tapas and ambiance.

Link to article here.

I’m bored. What should I do tonight???

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