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Ngage, green porn & paedophile on the loose.

Work is piling up again. This morning I had to wake up at 6.30am to work on a proposal. I have two more to go. Well, I’m not complaining, it’s really a good thing for a small setup like myself. I just wish they don’t all come at the same time but oh well, I bloody love it. Latest update….seems like I’ll be working till end of the year so my plans to travel around SEA for some “me time” during the later half of the year will have to be delayed. It’s okay, as long as I’m working I guess I’ll be able to suppress my wanderlust.

Nokia has come out with a promo site for Ngage and it’s too awesome. I’m not going to spoil the fun for you but one thing to look forward to is classic Arkanoid game using human beings! It used to be one of my favourite games on micro genius and it’s gotten even more fun to be able to bounce a human ball and strike some human pins. My only gripe is I can’t customise the game with my own face and of people I don’t like….heh heh heh.

Human arkanoid
Human arkanoid.

I’ve also just read the weirdest shit today. Isabella Rossellini, the beauty who doesn’t seem to age and one time world’s most beautiful woman, has found a niche in doing “green porn”. What exactly is green porn, you ask me? Here’s a picture that might give you a better clue….

I think this is SFW.
This should be SFW. Read more here.

On another note, while researching for work, I stumbled upon this news about a paedophile blogger lurking around parenting and momsie blogs. I actually went to his site this morning and saw first hand how sick his postings were but his blog has since been taken down. He used the nickname ALBERT 51 and his IP Address is His blog was, it’s removed now but there’s still a cached page here.

I’ve sent an email to about it maybe all you guys could do the same too and the cops might take an interest in tracking this sick paedophile down.

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