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Malaysian Dreamgirl Finale

I was there! (thanks Kenny for the tix) And I got the best spot to see em girls too. Actually, I crashed the photographer platform, hehe.

With my 90mm, I took over 300 pictures of the girls. Some of the clothes were seriously hideous? Hello it’s Fashion On 1 week, not Rubber Tapper Garb Du Jour -_-.

Here are the pictures I took that night…

Girls shaking their booties.

Cindy. I think she might have looked her best that night.

Hanis. She had so many supporters and everyone thought she was going to win. I guess she had probably thought the same.

My only picture of her where her face looks reasonably normal. The rest, one word…Gormless.

Fiqa was breathtakingly stunning. I took A LOT of pictures of her and it was tough selecting the best ones. She had the perfect expression for each set of clothes she was wearing!

Another shot of Fiqa.
Another shot of Fiqa.

Ringo was looking smashing as well.

Fiqa chanelling Lolita.
This is a damn Lolita shot of Fiqa. If I were a man….

Malaysian Dreamgirls.

Jay was fierce! She looked amazing, I have nothing much to say.

Ringo again.
Ringo working that dress.

And the true winner of the night…..

Hanis winner.

It’s a popularity contest afterall. I hope next year the judges will get to decide to a certain extent who the winner is. That said, I think it’s kind of pitiful also that Cindy is getting so much flak for winning the contest. Girl and her supporters were only doing what anyone would have done given the opportunity!

Flickr set here.

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