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A tiring but amazing weekend :)

All pictures taken with my Nokia N82.

Saturday – The Day

10 May 2008 – World Lupus Day.

World Lupus Day @ 1 Utama, 1st Floor Oval.

The event that ShutterAsia has been trying very hard to put together for more than a month finally happened with tremendous success. The Minister of Health, YB Dato’ Liow Tiong Lai officiated the launch and was a good sport throughout the event.

Getting this event up was a tough journey indeed, and must be especially so for Freaky (otherwise known as James) whom may I say, single handedly made this happen with little or no help at all. I would like to thank Freaky for roping me in and I’m proud to say that it’s an honour to have worked alongside him. While I escaped to party with Tiesto, he stuck on till 10pm to make sure the event ran smoothly till 1 Utama closed. James, I <3 you! James @ Freaky.James @ Freaky, emcee for the day.

I would like to thank Nikon and 1 Utama for being such generous sponsors as well. When I heard from someone who spoke to the Nikon big man, and he revealed that for this event, he doesn’t even care about any newspaper or media coverage. He just wants Nikon to contribute to the photography community and society in general. He knew for a fact that ShutterAsia ran this event with no monetary support whatsoever, everything from the venue to exhibition stands to carpeting to sound system to the balloons….were contributed by companies that supply them. That’s not just it, some of the people from these sponsor companies even got down and dirty helping with the event setup. It was truly an eye-opening experience for me.

1 Utama (thank you Ms. Joey C.) said yes to my request for venue sponsorship within hours of my FIRST email without even batting an eyelid. To be honest, before approaching 1 Utama, I had sent several request to other smaller shopping complexes, most did not reply (as expected) and one even sent back to ask for ROI Report (I was flabbergasted). But 1 Utama, which was my last resort…..because it’s such a successful shopping complex and was very intimidating, said yes to us within hours!

They were also very accommodating to us eventhough the exhibition could not be set up extravagantly in line with the interior of 1 Utama due to budget constraint, but they allowed us to hold our event anyway with nothing but genuine support. You may not know this too, but 1 Utama is probably the only shopping complex in Malaysia with space (it’s called Community Corner on 1st Floor Oval, New Wing) allocated for non-profit organisations that are struggling to afford any space for their charity events.

Anything Butterfly Photography Exhibition is still on-going till 18th May 2008. Persatuan SLE Malaysia will be there selling homemade craft and accepting donations. 1 Utama, 1st Floor Oval, New Wing :)

Satuday – Night

After the event, I reached home at 5pm, showered and made my way to KY’s house. We all had dinner (or rather, I joined them while they were already eating) and then started our journey to PD. I was mostly unconscious during the journey but I managed to wake up during a toilet stop and took a picture of this car with something from the bathroom on the side mirror.

Bathroom/Side mirror.Recycle, reduce, reuse.

We reached Admiral Marina about 10.30pm parked not too far from the event venue. The queues were gawdamn long -_- and it was so humid. I was soaked by the time we entered party grounds.

Queing up for Tiesto.Can you spot PinkPau‘s setan face?

Without further ado, the faggots (our endearing nickname for each other) got a carton of beer to jump-start party mood. And then another carton…


I took 1/2 a can and promptly passed out. I would like to defend myself that under normal circumstances I could have consumed 1 can with no problems but I was already exhausted from work.

Here is a picture of Spongefox sipping his beer.

Spongefox sipping the beer.
Spongefox sipping the beer.

I puked several times into the empty plastic bag that had contained the beer before I was well enough to walk nearer to stage. I managed to catch a glimpse of Tiesto making his grand debut before passing out again. The last song I remembered hearing before my slumber was In The Dark (which I f-king love).


Then I woke up to some random stuff I’ve never heard before but were still f-king awesome. I was almost well again and I danced and danced and danced…

Tiesto Elements of Life
Fab lighting.

Sweaty Kim.
Sweaty girl.

Kim and KY.
Kim & KY.

Kim & Eyeris
Kim & Eyeris.

And then Love Comes Again came on. I was estatic!!!

Love Comes Again - Tiesto.
You gotta believe that…Love comes again

From then on, it was orgasm all the way, man.

The man.

Crowd was just loving every second.

The finale was amazing. Forever Today came on along with fireworks and confetti!

Forever Today.
Forever Today

We left party ground at 3am and made our way home. Thank you to the Suan for driving us all back safely to Ming Tien for supper.

Every time after a rave party, I’d always claim it’d be my last but man, as long as Tiesto is playing my last rave party is not yet in sight.


I woke up at 3.30pm on Mother’s Day. Mom was very understanding not to have woken us up, since we stumbled into the house at 6.30am. We went to Pearl International Hotel for buffet, which was fabulous (KY blogged about it here). They had an array of activities lined up for Mom’s Day that I didn’t even know about when I made reservation. They took our family picture and printed it out, had a good lucky draw with trips to various destinations as prizes and yummy goodies to take home. Mom was very happy :)

Then, I taught her to blog and use Flickr!!!!! :D She’s just posted her first entry after about an hour of frustration (heh heh heh) and I hope she didn’t get turned off by the complexity (obviously to me it’s like clockwork). I’ll definitely pimp her blog when she hits her 5th entry. So dearest, please leave some words of encouragement here because she doesn’t believe it when I say a lot of people would love to read her blog!

You want to, don’t you?? (p/s: the momsie is a hottie).

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