It’s called Sparkly now.

Birdshit Mobile has gone. Hopefully for a bit longer.

Sparkling Kelisa.
So clean, you can eat off it.


On another note…I whacked one too many bottles of these last night.

Heineken Extra Cold.
Heineken Extra Cold.

It was soooo goood.

Too bad I didn’t manage to hold it down. No regrets.

p/s: Sorry bruder with the Red Iswara…I didn’t mean to puke all over your car. But hey, I made it up with the boobs.

9 thoughts on “It’s called Sparkly now.”

  1. I have yet wash my car too – it is so dirty! i am counting on the recent rain to wash off some of the dirt.

    What did you do to make up for throwing up on his car? Flash him? :-)

  2. Hey, if thats all it takes to get you to be a flasher, you’re going to have many folk take you up on the ‘offer’. Offer, to drink, that is!

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