Maison Francaise – a French experience in the heart of Kuala Lumpur

The husband and I were invited to Maison Francaise in Kuala Lumpur for lunch on a balmy weekend afternoon, thanks Mei for the arrangement.

It was a wonderful opportunity for us to see other human beings, haha having been cooped up in our house for a long time. Since it was a weekend, traffic into the city was quite a breeze.

# – Maison Francaise.

The restaurant is a beautiful double storey bungalow, just next to the Philippine Embassy. Although right smacked in the middle of Kuala Lumpur, its location was pleasantly quiet, surrounded by majestic trees that are probably older than the city.

Plenty of parking on the side of the road outside Maison Francaise or if you preferred even less hassle, you can park in the compound for a flat rate of RM10 per vehicle.

# – The gorgeous bungalow.

There’s also a swimming pool, for those intending to lounge on the outside or throw a private pool party.

# – The pool.

# – The balcony overlooking the pool also have plenty of seatings.

The interior is quaint and very European, with black framed windows and white panelled walls. The tables were covered in white and floral tablecloths crowned by stylish black and white leather designer chairs.

# – The interior.

As I can’t drink and hubs was on a self-imposed liver detox, we forwent the alcohol and were served some delicious mocktails. Maison Francaise does offer a wide range of cocktails, wines and champagnes should you be inclined.

# – Mussolinni (lime, cranberry and apple) on the left and Strawberry Basil Mule on the right.

# – Fresh watermelon with mint leaves.

The mocktails were very refreshing and not too sweet. Quite incredible thirst quenchers!

# – Homemade butter and bread.

Our appetiser was smoked salmon mousse with vegetables, tomato coulis and green salad.

# – Salmon mousse.

The mousse was smooth and studded with tiny bits of vegetables throughout for texture. It was quite pleasant.

The next appetiser to follow was the cod fish dumpling with tartar sauce.

# – Codfish dumplings.

The dumplings were springy with a crispy exterior. Might have been slightly over-seasoned on their own but could be quite moreish with a thick slather of the tartar sauce.

Next up, the first main course – grilled seabass with asparagus, red capsicum pequillo sauce and squid ink.

# – The very inviting seabass.

The firm flesh of the fish went down really well with the sauce despite being slightly over. My only gripe was that the skin could be a lot crispier. The accompanying asparagus were perfect!

The fish dish was followed by braised oyster blade with vegetable tart and mustard sauce. What is an oyster blade? It is a cut of steak from the beef shoulder that’s flavoursome and marbled with yummy fat.

Braised for 6 hours, the meat literally fell apart with just a light nudge from my fork. It was nice.

# – The braised oyster blade.

The accompanying vegetables, still carrying some bite and the sweetish wholegrain mustard sauce complemented the dish wonderfully. The crispy puff pastry also offered an additional dimension to the dish.

# – We ended our meal with a raspberry and vanilla Napolean.

The raspberry and vanilla mousse layers were punchy and flavourful. Surprisingly light with lovely texture from the crunchy wafers.

The waiting staff were eager and polite, which was a very good thing but could do with more training such as knowing the ingredients of dishes. The location of Maison Francaise was of course exceptional and I can see how wonderful it could be for events like wedding receptions and private parties.

# – Obligatory I was there.

Maison Francaise,
5, Jalan Changkat Kia Peng,
50450, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 032144-1474
Fax: 032181-2664
Operating hours:
Tuesday to Thursday, 12.00pm – 10.30pm (last order)
Friday to Sunday, 12.00pm – 11.00pm (last order)
Closed on Monday

9 thoughts on “Maison Francaise – a French experience in the heart of Kuala Lumpur”

  1. I went for high tea there once (last year) and really dislike it. The whole experience was horrible.

    But the food looks good in your pictures. Might just return to give it a second chance.

  2. oh my wordddd. DAT DESSERT THO. lol.

    i’ve kinda read a lot of negative reviews on the service (& service staff’s attitude) which is off-putting, tbh. however, the general setting of the place does look STUNNING!!!

  3. Kimberly, the food looks so appealing!

    That “Obligatory” picture of you, is perhaps one of the prettiest photos you have been seen in! You look absolutley beautiful and happy!

  4. You look so pretty.. must say that pregnancy becomes you! (so you can have a few more)! haha… Great post… lovely photos.. I feel like some cocktails right around now, and french food myself too:)

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