June 13, 2014 - Narcissism is Necessary

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No special treatment for me.

So I have been brisk walking on the treadmill for 20 minutes daily partially because the husband forces me and partially because am terrified of a difficult labour.

The other day I read an American mommy blogger who is pretty fit and she gave birth naturally within 3 hours and didn’t even tear her bits. No stitches :o.

So am aiming for that!! 💪

Anyway the point of my story is that I skipped 1 day of walking so hubs was not happy (to be fair to myself I also walk Charlie everyday one for about 20 minutes on top of treadmill session so I wasn’t being a complete couch potato) so I told him that I will make up the loss by walking 30 minutes which is an extra 10 minutes for 2 days straight.

Walao… I am regretting what I said now because he wouldn’t let it go! Didn’t know I marry a slave driver. Somemore he insisted I go on treadmill AND then make supper for him WTF?????

Who said being pregnant is the best time to let your husband indulge you? I wonder when G is going to ask me to wash his car. Probably anyday now..

Anyway I have started living in this pair of leggings because they’re sooooo comfy!

Where else… H&M again lah.  Need. To. Get. More.

# – 25 weeks 5 days.


Checkup today so can see baby again! Happy times.

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