Budget Black Swan & Imitation Alexis Tiramisu Cake.

I hadn’t blogged properly in the past week. Call it hormones, quarter(+2) life crisis, panic attack, call it whatever…I was in a bad place. Everything irked me. Waking up late irked me. The rain irked me. Twitter irked me. Gok Wan irked me. Gok Wan’s addiction to patent leather irked me most of all.

I had absolutely no patience for anyone, not even for the BF. I didn’t cook for over 7 days, we were eating crap food outside and that too probably contributed to my bad mood. I think I gained 3 kilos – I can’t be sure cause I refused to weigh myself. I had a blackened pimple scar on my face that made me see Timothy Tiah when I looked into the mirror (sorry Tim, I couldn’t work it like you).

But I’m feeling better now. I always feel better after a phase of darkness. It’s still work-in-progress, trying to stay positive and optimistic.

It’s not all glum & gloom though, I did have moments where I completely enjoyed myself. Like the steamboat session at Cass’ beautiful home. Cass went all out in indulging us with scallops, marbled beef slices, lamb, the whole deal. Best steamboat ever! <3 # - Most awesome steamboat!

I took the opportunity to bring a cake. Had always wanted to re-create the famous Alexis tiramisu cake, so that’s exactly what I attempted. As it’s my very first time making it, I had no idea whether the soft cheese filling would set or not.

# – It was a moment of triumph when I successfully removed the cake mould without it crumbling into a sloppy mess.

# – Then I sprinkled chopped homemade hazelnut and almond pralines all over it. I think I was pouting cause everybody kept nicking the nuts!

# – End result.

The BF said it was an excellent attempt. Of course, being very self-critical I think the sponge needed to be fluffier, the chopped chocolates in the middle needed to be bigger & rougher, the cake needed more alcohol and I needed to devise a more manageable cheese filling. The only thing I was happy with were the nut pralines :P

Then there was a Halloween party which I had to attend. I thought I was going to go as Vagrant Woman (read: tattered tee, my Donald Duck shorts and the hair net that I wore to Cass’ above) until I was inspired to make a black tiara which eventually led me to dress up as Budget Black Swan.

# – Looping cable ties around a black plastic hairband.

# – Then, cut them into tiara shape!

# – Budget Black Swan, DONE! BTW, I followed this makeup tutorial.

That’s all. Bye.

22 thoughts on “Budget Black Swan & Imitation Alexis Tiramisu Cake.”

    1. thanks man. you had that cake from alexis before? i was trying to achieve the fluffy sponge soaked with liquor/coffee and cream and the contrast with crunchy nut pralines is awesome

  1. Alexis tiramisu is my all time favorite cake! Will be coming back to check if the recipe’s up. I’ll be trying out your honey mustard baby back ribs recipe this week.

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