Phuket, Thailand – Day 5

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The last day of my Thailand trip! Our flight was in the late afternoon so we spent the morning visiting another nearby resort that belonged to Millennium. Millennium Patong Resort is a laidback version of Millennium Patong Hotel. It doesn’t mean that the hotel is any less luxurious though.

Millennium Patong Resort.
Millennium Patong Resort.

I especially love the floor to ceiling mirror in the room.

Floor to ceiling mirror.
i <3 me.

Relatively famous.
I like relativity.

After the hotel tour, I sneaked in a swim at my hotel’s pool before packing. Put on the 250 Baht dress I bought from a Patong trader and left for Phuket International Airport.

Me and Kellster.
Me and Kellster, just before leaving.

Our flight was of course delayed for about an hour and because of that I bought an overpriced book to keep myself amused.

By the 5th page, it was boarding time. Damn -_-

Well, I had a wonderful time in Krabi and it’s all thanks to See Tho :)

5 thoughts on “Phuket, Thailand – Day 5”

  1. I love your T-Shirt! I’m a sucker for t-shirts with catchy phrases. Relatively famous. Heh! I saw a couple in this place in MidValley earlier this month when I was in KL.

    Bangkok is still the best place for t-shirts like this though. T Shirt Hell too but I can’t afford the postage. :)

  2. Was that you boo taking the picture for ‘Millennium Patong Resort’? I can see a male reflection holding up a camera.

    By the way, what lense are you using for your dSLR?

  3. Hey how clearly u described and pictured every thing. That feel like going. Great work done by u and ya ofcourse really awesome pics

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