I’m back! And the first thing that hit me after touching down was the heat -_- I haven’t sweated for 3 bloody weeks (except for the wee bit while climbing up Malvern Hills) and I LOVED IT!

By the time we collected our luggage (which were so heavy we almost had to pay more than 200 quid to bring back but thank goodness for my boo’s l33t flirting skills at the check-in counter), I had not dared to lift up my arms for fear of sweaty pit patches. EWW.

Anyway, it’ll take a bit of time to sort out my pictures. Obviously, I had a grand time in UK and I can’t say that I’m terribly happy to be back in Malaysia. Glad the haze has cleared up a bit though and that petrol price has decreased (YES!).

The other day boo asked me what’s my favourite place in UK and I don’t what possessed me cause I said, “Anywhere with Primark is fab”. I swear I didn’t even think when I said that. But it’s true, I love Primark and I can’t be arsed about whether it’s an ethical company lol.


So far I’ve been to Primarks in Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham. I’ve got shit loads of stuff like socks and bras and panties from there but my best buy must be this pair of faux croc pumps for 6 quid. Less than RM50! YES!

6 quid pump.
Fake leather goodness.

Also stumbled upon a bookshop having a clearance sale in Worcester. Everything going for 1 pound! After gaining about 3 kilos stuffing myself there (I’m dangerously close to hitting the big 6-0 OMFG)…I had to get this little title:

Slimming secrets
Celeb slimming secrets.

I got enough pork scratchings to last me for 6 months. The proper shiznit from black country, not them fakeass cracklings. Hmmm…salty powdery lard had never tasted so good..

Pork scratchings.
The best scatchings from Wolverhampton, amongst other junk food.

The best part of my trip? Definitely Blackpool. Went on all the white knuckle rides in Pleasure Beach. I went on Pepsi Max 2 times, Bling 3 times, IRN BRU 2 times and Infusion 3 times. Each major ride cost between 5 to 8 pounds. We were determined to make our money’s worth (30 quid per person for an unlimited day pass). By the time I got over the fear, it was pure g force fun all the way!!! We had sunny skies during the entire 2 days we were there. The sight of the endless beach from the top of Pepsi Max was so breathtakingly beautiful you would forget that you’re about to be plunged 230 feet down!

Sigh. Can’t wait for my next trip!!

16 thoughts on “Back!”

  1. I tried my 133t flirting skills at check out and they chargesd me double … must remember not to lift sweaty arms up next time. :-)

    I’d love to hit 6-0. It’s 5 kg less than my ideal weight! :-)
    I’d only need to lose 55kg to hit that! :-)

  2. Hey. Glad to hear you had a great time. Share the secrets you gain from the book please? I would love to hit 60 :( I’m like 6 kgs less than my dream weight but it takes so much effort.

  3. dont tell me u didnt bring back chocolate-covered mcvities! :(

    one of my fave drinks there was lilt and im not even a soda person. haha tango is just too “wild”

    and yep. those were the same pork scratchings i had. sama punya packaging. im just not into it then.

  4. gosh, i love primark too!!!!!!!!!!! i thought i’ve died and gone to heaven when i was there. everything is sooooo cheap!! i wish we have it here!!

  5. eeeeh PRIMARK IS LIKE THE BOMB RIGHT~ i got all my socks, underwear, scarf, shirt, pants, coat etc etc all from there, so freaking cheap like 1 – 4 quid haha!

    Damn i miss UK :(

    btw petrol price decrease 15 sen only wo. happy meh? and wtf hate the sweat here u wierdo lol

  6. david: thanks man!

    ky: soon!

    aeroplane: it figures eh haha

    dabido: lmao good luck!!!

    fieran: babe u look great! just read it, it’S all FLUFF! LOL

    naeboo: i didn’t..just jaffa cakes heh. heh less ppl love scratchings means more for me!!!

    suertes: it’s not that romantic…more tacky, kinda europe’s answer to las vegas. it is famous for the ballroom dancing though but obviously i didnt check that out hehehe

    grace: i share your sentiment!! :)

    tock: yeh it’s the bomb!!! i miss UK too. determine to make it an annual pilgrimage hehe

  7. Blackpool! Sure brings back memories! We waited an hour for the Pepsi max – does it still take that long? And then I choked on a mega-gigantic pill that was meant to be chewed, not swallowed and they had to call for the ambulance. My visit to Blackpool was a very happy time…..until that choking incident which turned me blue and breathless LOL

  8. LOL, thorpe park dear, and alton towers :)
    aunt’s in blackpool hence yeah, i know what you mean about the pepsi ride :)

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