Blogging from Dubai International Airport.

Just touched down after a 6 agonising hours seated next to a very weird man. Blogging with airport’s free wifi.

Pooped out.

It was a full flight and I was fortunate to get an exit lane seat. Guy next to me was not very appreciative though, he was whinging and complaining about everything to the stewardesses throughout the flight.

Firstly, he was the last person to board the plane. We were delayed because of him too. Anyway, because he was late, so the fella found himself a bare seat, with no pillow, headphones and blanket. It’s normal practice for cabin crew to collect unused pillows/blankets/miscellaneous kits as they are limited in number.

Anyway, the safety instructions were played. First in English and then in Arabic. After the instructions had finished playing, he summoned a stewardess. And guess what he complained about?

He was pissed that the instructions were played in English first instead of Arabic. His rationale was that Arabic’s the national language of Emirates and thus should be played first. And then he reassert that this “problem” had occurred many times with his previous flights and each time, he had complained to the crew but nothing was ever done. And then he asked the stewardess, “What’s the point of flying with Emirates when you can’t use your national language first?”. I was rather taken aback by his snootiness. While I understand where he’s coming from, it’s still a pretty ridiculous issue to fuss about, when he’s the one who couldn’t even board a plane punctually. English is afterall a lingua franca of the world. I knew then and there I was seated next to a weirdo.

Also, I believe he assumed that I stole his blanket, because when he requested for his blanket he made a really loud remark saying someone stole his blanket.

He did the same thing with his pillow. Unfortunately for the stewardess, the pillows had ran out by then so she asked him if he minded using a rolled up blanket instead. His answer was, “Yes, I do mind”. Luckily, the poor girl managed to find a single pillow for him at the end.

Then, he was looking for his entertainment guide and yeah, I admit it’s my own fault for taking his entertainment guide in the first place cause my guide was at the far front next to the the crew seat. Dude was damn drama, like searching for a missing child. Luckily before he kicked up a fuss with another unlucky stewardess, I remembered that I had taken his, so I gave him back. Then he thanked me so sarcastically, “OH! THANK YOU SOOoo MUCH!” -_-

Gawd, bloody weirdo. When he was eating also, kept jutting his elbow into my space -_-. Didn’t even offer any apology while I was totally civil with him. There are people who exist to make others miserable!