Blogging from Krabi!

Hello from Krabi! I just woke up and now enjoying a cup of tea on our balcony.

# – Pick me up.


This trip is Gareth’s company retreat actually, but I get to join because I satisfy his company’s conditions of either being a spouse or having co-habitating for more than two years, and being straight/gay.

# – View from the lobby upon arrival at the resort yesterday.


# – Hanging out on our balcony after checking in. OK, just an excuse to post this because I look deceptively slim albeit a little sombre.


We slept most of yesterday away, waking up at dinner time for some local beef noodles.

Not before we nick some wifi at the lobby though.

# – Data addicts.


We have complimentary wifi in the room now though so yay!

# – First Thai meal. So delicious!


Then we snacked on stuff we got from 711. Even in a small place like Krabi, the sheer variety of stuff pwns our 711 in KL.

# – Munchies.


Found a hilariously named beauty product too.

# – Ahemm.


Well, right now we are contemplating lunch options – whether to have a beach picnic trying out more goodies from local 7-11 or a bus ride to town for some local food.

Decisions, decisions!

2 thoughts on “Blogging from Krabi!”

  1. The “Babi face” really cracked me up Kimberly! I had to suppressed my laughter as I’m in the office!

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