Krabi, Thailand – Day 2 (Part One)


After a fun-filled first day in Krabi, we woke up to a scrumptious breakfast spread by Sheraton Krabi. Unfortunately I hadn’t taken any picture at breakfast because both my lenses decided to fog up after spending a very cold night stuck in my very cold Lowepro. I was worried sick about the lenses but luckily they cleared up right before our island hopping adventure.

Our destinations were Chicken Island – Thale Waek – Si Island – Poda Island – Railay Beach.

We arrived at the beach. There was no jetty or anything like that. Thais keep it real…just sun, sea and boat. We quickly registered and I was trying to push my poor sea experience out from my head.

Registering for island hopping trip. PICTURE BY NIGEL.

Man on a boat.
Man on a boat.

My worries were unwarranted, the sea was so calm, I actually thought that stronger waves would have made our trip more exciting!

We hogged the front of the boat.


Random island.
Random island.

First stop…Chicken Island!

Spot the chicken.
Can you spot the rooster?

Fluffy hair.
Still dry.

Next, Thale Waek!

This place is really amazing. Thale Waek is actually two islands connected by a strip of powdery sand during low tide. When it’s high tide though, the strip of sand would be submerged under the sea but it’s so shallow you could still cross between two islands. It’s awesome walking in the water from one island to the other.

It’s not a short walk either, so be prepared to sweat it out!

Off the boat.
Start of tanning process. PICTURE BY KELLSTER.

Crossing to the other side.
Mucking around while crossing to the other island. PICTURE BY ANDY.

The sea was practically deserted so the first thing I did when I reached the other side was to swim, swim and swim!

Or float, in this matter. PICTURE BY KELLSTER.

While we were crossing back to the other side, the tide got higher (almost pit level) and everyone had to carry their camera bags on their heads. I was only relieved that I decided to leave mine on the boat, heh heh heh.

We left for some snorkelling at Si Island. The water was crystal clear. There wasn’t much corals to shout about but for me, it was more about floating in the sea (in my life jacket!) and chill.

n00bs in the sea. PICTURE BY NIGEL.

Around noon time, we adjourned to Poda Island for some lunch. It was nothing fancy….just rice, egg, some vegetables and spicy sauce. Due to the hunger from the day’s activities, the lunch seemed so delicious!


I took the opportunity to swim again. Nigel took this wonderful shot of me with my camera.

It’s my favourite picture from the trip =)


After lunch, we headed towards the last destination of our island hopping trip, the beautiful but rather packed Railay Beach.

There were so many tourists! We strolled on the beach, camwhoring intensively. Some women were sunbathing in the nude, which got our men really excited, haha.

Camwhorers. PICTURE BY ANDY.


At the end of the beach lies Phra Nang Cave. There’s a penis shrine in the cave, I’m not kidding you. It’s filled with phallic carvings offered by the locals for fertility purposes. I didn’t take any picture because I had stopped using my camera altogether during the island hopping, so here’s one taken by Andy.

Penis shrine in Phra Nang Cave.
Penis shrine in Phra Nang Cave. PICTURE BY ANDY.

And that’s the end of our island hopping trip. There were more activities after, but I’ll reserve them for another post. Second part of second day coming up soon!

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  1. here I am slogging away in the office and you you you come up with beach, islands, beautiful girl, bikini and mating rituals………

    argh, I am gonna take MC…..allergic to work!

  2. “Some women were sunbathing in the nude, which got our men really excited, haha.”

    Despite what I was doing that day, my hands was free. Not touching anywhere or anything. Hahaha! :P

    Nice post! I so want to go ‘float’ now. Sigh.

  3. ky: .I.

    weetak: lol sorry! must go krabi!

    nick: do it! bring the missus :D

    kell: oooh nvm lah, got your watermark mah!

    nigel: u touch later kan? lol

    hb: so u couldnt see a rooster, what did u see really? heh heh heh

    simon: well, viagra doesnt help with fertility.

  4. very nice and informative site. I really had a great time reading some of you post.. keep it up and looking forward to read more soon.

  5. “@.@

    .. i would pick one phallic(cocK) if I were there ..LoL
    a great souvenir and it would saving trouble for getting a dildol locally kakaka …

    nice series there … at least you guys were not washing clothes there..
    Guess i need to blog about ‘cloth washing practices in malaysia’ kakaka

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