It’s 5.50am. Been watching this pathetic Mythbuster wannabe called “Smash Lab” for the past hour cause nothing good was on tele. Okay, at least it’s in english.

I have absolutely nothing to do here. NOTHING. I’m bored out of my mind. I HAVE NOTHING TO DO. How many times can I say that to reiterate the fact that I HAVE NOTHING TO DO. There’s Astro, but Mom is always watching Taiwanese game shows. I don’t know why she likes those shows, I don’t know how my brothers can stand it. When Dad’s home, the golf channel will be on instead and as boring as I think the game is, at least the channel is quiet. It helps too that the new generation of golfers are getting hottier. But Dad is in Jakarta now and so it’s Taiwanese game shows all the way. The people in there are so shrieky and I just get so angry and pensive whenever they’re on the idiot box.

What is a Taiwanese game show? Beats me, really. I can tell you how to spot one though. Observe the following:

1. The judges: A panel of women with a clear penchant for plastic surgeries seated in a row. There may or may not be a token male judge.

2. An ugly and/or obnoxious host.

3. A lot of special sound effects to follow after the ugly and/or obnoxious judge made a joke that is not funny.

4. Contestants who don’t seem to know why they’re there.

5. A lot of laughing and screaming and generally headache inducing sounds.

I don’t even know why I’m writing about this. I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO. My main laptop is at my bf’s so I can’t even catch up with work or process any picture. I tried to read but it’s too noisy in here. JIBBER JABBER CHING CHONG CHING CHING JIBBER JABBER. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think..I think I need more friends in Cheras.


  1. I agree that some Taiwanese game shows have little substance, but that last remark about “CHING CHONG” sounds like you’re another Westerner dissing Mandarin. Are all Malaysian Chinese so self-loathing and hate their common language?

  2. Taiwanese game show is only good for those who understand mandarin & looking for a couple hours of senseless entertainment.

    Some of them are spicy like the super model contest a week or 2 ago where 10 couples wore bikinis and shot their model shot in downtown Taipei or somewhere like that.

    No disgrace if one loath this show but if they keep churning this out then there must be a market for it somewhere!

    I don’t think most of the fans of those shows come to this blog. This blog is in a different league.

  3. dabs: aww *hugs

    ky: mandarin sucks

    kuzco: agree! love that shit hahaha!

    james: there’s the thing, i’m not a westerner. im proud to be a malaysian chinese, taiwanese game show hating and all. thx.

    wee tak: yeah i have no clue when it comes to that language. it’s a handicap :( ooh can beat jimmy & nong or not? :)

  4. Even if I understand Mandarin, I still don’t understand many of those Taiwan game shows. My friends love watching the oh-so-famous ‘Guess Guess Guess’ show and when they laugh, I would go like “Huh? What’s so funny? What did they say?” @_@

  5. Amen to that! Somehow those game show’s producers/hosts find pleasure in torturing the guest stars and audiences. What’s crazy is that people actually find it entertaining.

  6. kim: oh my i hear you! so where can we hang out here babe??

    eryn: lol i just saw Guess Guess Guess on 8TV. thank goodness for subtitles. They were playing “guess which big boobed chick is a university student”. seriously wtf haha

    dr. tan: weeeeeeeettttt bong omg exactly lol

    c c: guilty pleasure i guess. i mean, i like jerry springer so…haha

  7. it’s seriously funny if u understand mandarin. i SO wish my mandarin is better so i can get what’s so funny. ahahah. i sometimes pester my mom to translate for meh…so ashamed of my banana-ness!

    those ugly hosts are there only coz they are so funny. unlike HK hosts who are just boring. (like 8tv quickie hosts. ugh)

    most canto/HK gameshows all steal ideas from the taiwanese ones anyways. and the taiwanese steal from the japs.

    maybe it’s a housewife thing. my ma loves that shit too!! haha

  8. I’ve seen those. It’s pretty lame, but I’ve been a Japanese game show (on YouTube) on human tetris. That one was pretty good. I saw one ages ago (also Japanese game show) about this triathlon thing with a twist – people drink heaps of beer, get soaked in a tank of iced water for 15 minutes and see who gets to hold their pee for the longest period. The expression and grimaces of the final two contestants: Priceless!

  9. Tell me about it!

    There was one particular show where they got people with problems like a guy and bring in his ex-wife to expose his “dirty secrets” to the public no less (like his erectile dysfunction etc.) and watch them argue!

    Sometmes they even bring in the kids (who have been listening to the argument behind a screen) and ask them what they think of their parents etc. etc.


  10. Hey Kimberley :)

    Love your header!!! looks so cool and it’s the size that’s astounding. well yea i guess i’m not the only one who thinks so <-referring to ur comment LoL

  11. naeboo: wish i knew mandarin too! but when they won’t stop talking or laughing in a language you don’t understand it’s extremely annoying :( japs are very physical and slapstick but the taiwanese seem to just talk and laugh a lot! maybe they were supposed to be witty

    hb: lol i’d like to watch that!

    cyren: yeah my mom has told me about that. very jerry springer/maury. i think human beings are generally morbid creatures.

    samantha: thanks! :). haha the resemblance is uncanny!

  12. did someone say cheras???!!! me mememememeeeeeeeee i’ll be back late august!!

    btw kim, why your banner so drool-inducing wan? tak aci lah macamni, how to tear my eyes away LOLLOLOLOL

  13. you are correcto mundo. i cant really appreciate most chinese talk / game shows cause i cant speak well in mandarin….*grin*. cantonese is ok. i often mispronounced the words and ended up swearing at people… friends are always pissed at me lol. but hey ! this is wat life’s all about. you get some, you lose some…especially when it comes to your favourite tv channel. my wife is watching the taiwanese freak show now….sigh..

  14. same la, imagine how’d your mum feels when you watch ANTM, Amazing Race or Punk’d!
    it’s not that bad if you understand Mandarin.
    now they even got hokkien channel, lagi dahsyat! haha.

  15. Reading some of the comments make me feel grateful that I can speak mandarin.

    I speaka Malaysian Mandarin and when I wuz in China, I adjusted my accent so much that the mainland girl thought I was a Taiwanese….until I told her I am Malaysian and married.

    That ruined it.

  16. I don’t have Astro now. So, got no comments on those Taiwanese game shows. Even if I got Astro, I won’t understand their games or Mandarin.

  17. LOL. omg the way your expressed yourself in this post sound so much like me and it cracks me up coz i can feel your frustration.

  18. I TOTALLY AGREE 100% WITH YOU. I hate Taiwanese game shows I’m always complaining about them to my bf because he likes to watch them!! ARGH ARGH ARGH STUPID TAIWANESE GAME SHOWS! I feel angry just thinking about them. Especially hate those DawnYang-esque girls on the show because we all know what reason they are there for, and who they slept with er I mean how they managed to get there.

  19. Mr James Tan,

    You obviously need to read up more on Chinese history. Hating Taiwanese stuffs does not sum up to hating Chinese. Taiwanese themselves claim not to be Chinese !! How pathetic !! OK, politics aside. I inifinitely agree with majority here that TAiwanese shows are not even worth the shit they sprout out from their ass. And to add one to what have already been written here, the cries of “HAO KER AI” at everything that moves and don’t move…..I think this must be a goood weapon against sexual assault. Just shout “HAO KER AI OOOOOO” and I am sure the assailant would repent so quick before you can even say “OOOOOO”…..i think the pinncale of the stupid Taiwan game show is the Jacky Wu and that Gay ass idiot with the owl…or what the hell is that……some shit on his shoulder. All these stupid show made our generation of young females and makes $who find these shows funny become more shallow and puny !!! Look at guys who follow Taiwan pop nowadays !!! Can you think of anyone who is more faggot than them ???? They are epicly faggot !!!!

  20. You will hate theses sorry-arse show even if you don’t understand mandarin. Just imagine if you understand Mandarin !!! It’ll make you wanna pick up some Amazon tribal language instead !!!!! These freaking games show are pathetically shallow !! Jacky Who, the girls, the participants, the crew, the stage etc…..all are shallow !!!! Sad bunch of nutcase !!! The should be the first on the list of FINAS’s “SHOWS THAT MUST BE BANNED WITHOUT CONSIDERATION” list !!!!!!!

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