It’ll be over soon.

I’m supposed to be reading some corporate culture shit. But I’m bored and having chronic flatulance problem, thanks to days of junk food ranging from peanut butter sandwich cookies to indomee Misai style. Why did I even think that studying business would be fun? My brother was in the same course as I am but he’s obviously smarter than me. He dumped the course and is now having so much fun doing graphic design. I secretly wish I could do his assignment. Or maybe drilling into people’s cavities. That should be hell loads of fun.

I can’t wait for this afternoon’s ordeal to be over. I just want to get it over with and then sleep. And sleep and sleep. My skin has turned sallow, my eyebags are gaining weight at the same rate with my belly and my eyebrows are growing into a shapeless mess. I’m mutating into a monster.

Oh gawd, I just remembered…no sleeping tonight. Going to rock Rum Jungle with my chicas. Aiya, nevermind I guess. Afterall, I do have three months of time at my disposal. Can sleep whenever and wherever I want.

Okay I got to resume reading this corporate culture shit. Blogging is therapeutic.

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