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Another round of Thank Yous.

I was kept in the dark till I saw this 1 hour before the party. No worries Galvin, it didn’t spoil anything at all. Mwahs. I am incredibly touched and I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. Kisses and love to you know who you are for going to great lengths to make this happen.

Special thanks to TBG for coming all the way from Johor. And Vlad and Vader too. *Big Hugs* Thanks to Giant Sotong who came at a short notice. Thanks David for coming. Thanks to Duncan and Adry for bringing the food. I wish I could eat more of the apple pie. Thanks to Margie who came eventhough she thought she wouldn’t make it. Thanks to God and Saint for feeding me ice cream. Thanks to KY for lending out his home, supporting my drunken head while I cut the cake and chucking me into his beautiful pond. Thanks to Jack for being a good sport by jumping into the pond after me. Thanks to Damien, Suan, Fuckstress, Jayna and ST. Most of all, thanks for secretly inviting my whole family over- it’s the best thing ever!

Thanks for all the wonderful presents and birthday wishes. Mwahs.

Have I missed anyone out? I don’t think so but if I have, forgive me please. I was asleep 80% of the time, talk about being my own party pooper hehehe. Still, there’s no better way to celebrate my birthday; with my best friends and family. Next up…pictures!

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Thanks peeps. Mwahs.

Hi everyone! Thanks for all the birthday wishes. I’m having a wonderful birthday in spite of the recent personal events. I really want to reply all of your SMS but as always I ran out of credits hehehe and I’m too stingy to upload any (doesn’t help matter I got summoned RM100 for naughty parking). Thanks all and I love you. Mwahs!!!!

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The graphic is from the e-card Dad sent me. HAHAHAHAha. So weird and so cute!!!!
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