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Aloe adventure.

I stole my neighbour’s aloe vera plant.

It was tough.

I waited for them to leave.

I was in my miniskirt, I had no time to change.

I balanced my feet, trying not to fall into the longkang.

I stuck the spade into the dirt and dug the plant out. It came out nicely.

I saw another neighbour peering over from her fence. It was embarrassing. But I pretended to be nonchalant.

I ran to my garden with the plant firmly in my hand. I was so excited.

I stuck the plant into an empty pot.

I poured newly bought dirt into in. Yes, I had plans from the beginning. I was prepared .

I compressed the dirt around the plant with my hands. What a satisfaction.

Then I realised the plant was not in the middle of the pot. I wanted to dig it out and position it again.

But shit, the neighbours came back. I ran back into the house. Dirty spade, muddy hands and all.

I watched solemnly from my windows, my aloe vera plant crushed to the side of the pot.

Fuck…I’m having bash jitters. This is worse than the prom.

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This quiz damn on.

Congratulations kimberlycun, you are…

Lainie Yeoh of tabulas.com/~lainie

You are funny, smart, experimental, sarcastic and artistic. You can be mean and obnoxious if you want to but most the time you’re just a soft, romantic and sentimental person. Come to think of it, you are kinda like a durian – hard and thorny on the outside, but soft and sweet (not smelly) on the inside. You’re always getting into trouble whether you like it or not. Your friends play a big part in your life and rightfully so because you’ll never give up an opportunity to help them out if they ask. You are the life of the party.

Which Malaysian Blogger Are You?

Kenny forgot one thing. Lainie’s real hot too. *wink* *wink* *WINK*

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