The day has arrived.

Yes, it’s over. IT’S FUCKING OVER! I’m esctatic.

We celebrated our new found freedom with a bottle of red wine.

Then it rained like fuck. Traffic also jam like fuck. And I was so damn bloody sleepy.

I think I sort of road bullied some SUV , in my humble Kelisa. Well, he did it 1st! I used my very powerful horn for 5 times today.

Saw people who jumped queue got pulled over by cops. Damn happy. Serve them right.

Reaching home, I passed by a rojak truck. I bought a big bag of rojak with extra crackers. Stuffed like shit now. But I’m so happy.

I want to sleep. Tonight’s plans all cancelled. Sorry, my dearest chicas. You know I really want to make it but I’m just too damn sleepy.

I plan to hit the sack immediately after Riches and Stiches. Kancheong.

Damn. I. want. to. sleep. But I have to fix my body clock. Hang on, Kim!

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