Better be dorky than sorry.

Some bastard knocked my car’s side mirror out clean. My heart bled for my suzy but shit happens.

# – Wu wu wu wu wu.

I don’t realise how much I use my mirrors until I lost one. I couldn’t drive. On top of that, it was raining. I passed driving duty to the BF. He drove Hyderabad style from Jalan Ampang to Ikea. He’s my hero!

# – A picture from our Hyderabad trip last year. Side mirrors? Meh.

Got this little mirror for under RM5 at Ace Hardware.

# – This picture so artsy right?

And some sticky tape. By the way, these Scotch branded sticky tape goes for RM4.30 for 5. Dirt cheap and damn sticky!

# – Adjust the position…

# – Tape it up.

# – Stabilise mirror with tissue. Scott brand by the way…they lasted like a week through rain and shit!!!

# – Thumb up!

# – Better be dorky than sorry.

Almost tempted to leave the damn mirror there when we found out that a replacement would cost RM610 for a new one and one from the scrap yard also already RM390. Gawddamnit!!! That’s like a dive computer URGH!!!

Moral of this story: Always fold your mirrors in when you’re parking on the roadside. Actually, just find a real parking space. Or, take public transportation. Yeah.

24 thoughts on “Better be dorky than sorry.”

  1. Babe, I don’t think the mirror cost so much coz my car doesn’t cost so much. Somemore Honda famous for expensive accessories. Just get the mirror itself. My car side mirror (mirror only) dropped too coz some fucktard whack my car while walking in Jln Alor. I bought it for RM80 (mirror only) with super sticky glue included.

  2. I think yours got stolen. My car’s original side mirror got stolen at a shopping mall and I went to a motor glass accessories shop for a replacement. It costs only RM20 or less. It was fixed so quickly. I don’t even have to come out from my car. When I reached the shop I just honked and pointed to my missing car mirror and the mechanic just came over with a new mirror and attached to it. That’s all and he received money from me right away.

    1. don’t know, maybe it got stolen but it probably wasn’t of much use to the pepretrator. the entire thing was damaged and i couldn’t just replace a mirror. had to replace the entire shell, motor and wiring :(

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