Drill it.

For the longest time, the aluminium curtain tracks in our home bugged the shit out of me.

# – Fugly aluminium curtain tracks.

I couldn’t hide them because I didn’t have curtain hooks, hence I couldn’t tie the curtain back and hence I couldn’t attach the top of the curtains together to hide the damn track.

I’m not entirely sure if you’d get what I’m talking about but anyway…the gist is: I had to install curtain hooks which involved drilling walls using a power drill so I could tie back my curtains.

For some reason, I had decided that I was unable to use one. A power drill that is. That I would rip my walls apart and then drill through my own hand; one of the dozens of tragic scenarios I’ve had managed to conceive.

# – Gory.

One afternoon, while the BF was at the pub watching rugby, I ate 5 tablespoons of pure peanut butter. Heap, not level.

I guess you can call it sugar high or more accurately, The Moment of Madness, I skipped into our storage room and skipped out with the Bosch Power Drill. Then I proceeded to read through the manual. I also watched a few youtube videos, just in case.

I was like, fuck it….if the walls ripped apart I could plaster it back and if I drilled through my hand I could stitch it up. Yeap, sugar makes me crazy.

So I started drilling and miraculously, the drill did not slide off the intended path. I also did not rip the wall apart and I also did not injure myself. Instead, I made a clean, deep hole. WOW.

I proceeded to screw a curtain hook in with my two hands and a screwdriwer. All those eggs in slow carb diet have made me STRONG.

# – My first hook in a hole.

Then I started making more holes, and installed more curtain hooks. One screw did break in the middle while I was screwing it in (told you I’m strong) but I didn’t panic. I just put in a shorter screw…

And then I attached the top of the curtains together, tie the hanging fabric back and voila…

# – No more annoying aluminium track offending my eyes.

And hence the conclusion of my story about drilling my very first hole in wall. Thanks for reading.