Broke but happy.

Today we’ve paid our fourth payment for the house renovation and we are now officially broke. From today onwards we will be reduced to eating dusts and drinking stolen tap water from the neighbours.


Okay, it’s not THAT bad, but bad enough for us to keep track on every single expenditure. Among the things I’ve been doing are these:

-Separating each facial cotton pad into two

-Buying generic branded handwash instead of Dettol

-Saving leftover meals for days after

-Giving Charlie DIY haircuts/baths instead of sending him to the groomer

-Drive one car instead of two cars to save on fuel

-Eating dinner at food courts instead of at restaurants

-Watching movies at home instead of at the cinemas (unless free, hehe)

-Saving shopping coupons and vouchers

-Entertain ourselves with Nintendo Wii

-Recycling clothes and finding different ways of wearing each item

-Showering 3 times a week (I kid, I kid)

Feel free to dispense any tip for saving money if you have any hehe. Before I go, I just want to say this…

To my bestest friends the #porkgang (KY, Haze, Horng, Ruby, God, Kerol, FA, Suanie, Ringo) thanks for accommodating us. First with going to pet-friendly places ALL the time when Charlie appeared in our lives and now with our anti-socialising, stemmed from budget constraints. And it’s very touching to me that you guys love us enough to foot our bills sometimes just so we could hang out too. I love you all so much you have no idea.

And to mom & dad who just moments ago brought us homecooked dinner all the way from Cheras. I know you did it because you know we’d be pressured to pay for dinner if we ate out and you don’t want to put us in a tight spot.

Yummy homecooked dinner.

Thanks mummy, daddy. /sniffs

So yeah, we are broke but we’re happy :)

24 thoughts on “Broke but happy.”

  1. Aw….it’s the simpler things in life that are important^^ show who your true friends are. but a bit of extra cash cant hurt either huh?^^ worry not, you guys are resourceful =)

  2. free movie screenings from Nuffnang! <3 *waves to emocharlie* EmoCharlie looks almost exactly like my own cocker spaniel, Luke, when he was a young dog :D

  3. sotong: dont worry, you’ll get ur own house one day

    glo-w: yeah a bit more cash really wouldn’t hurt lol

    yuen: ya! free nuffnang movie tix ftw :D ooh how old is luke??

    suanie: hugs and love back

    donny: thanks. yeah about 3-4 bucks more than generic one and smaller bottle too hehe

  4. Top tips:

    Only use the loo at work. Not only will you save money on toilet paper, but you’ll also be getting paid for it.

    Shoes last twice as long if only worn every other day.

  5. Get an empty bottle. Everyday when you come home, take EVERY SINGLE RM1 or RM5 note out from your wallets and put it in the bottle. (A bottle is best so it’s not easy to take the money out if you feel tempted to spend it…)

    By the end of the month you should have a few hundred to spare… We’re saving up for household items/appliances this way. haha. It works ok!

  6. tim: ok gonna ask u out for dinners more. thanks! haha

    val: thanks babe ;)

    yumyum: oiiiiii!

    half: hrmm..a bit hard right, when u have to go u have to go…but this inspires me to nick toilet papers from public toilets lololol thanks!

    eyeris: gonna try that for our appliances, probably gonna move into the house empty lol

  7. I’m broke too. I should learn from you…and separate my facial cotton into two. You know those nice hotels with nice liquid soap bottles at the sink? Next time we can go ‘pau’ some! LOL

  8. merryn: thanks babe :)

    aud: ya pls tell your wombeh pls lolol

    bangsarbabe: ya tarpao all, everything free all lol

    suertes: heh sounds like a good book, thanks!

    ky: love hug everything all back!

  9. wow so nice of your parents, Never mind if you are broke as long you are happy :))) Also I know you are saving the best for the last !

  10. 1. Live in Selangor so no need to pay water bill hehehe
    2. Don’t bring your credit card with you so you won’t be tempted to spend. Actually it’s hard to follow my own advice in this one!
    3. Have simple homecooked meals under RM5 per person. it’s possible!
    4. When eating out, don’t order drinks or…order only chinese tea. kinda cheapskate but what to do…
    5. Don’t use condoms. ok maybe not a good idea.

    If only can drive without having to turn on the aircond to save more fuel.

  11. jess: yeah they’re very sweet :)

    looloo: i <3 u too babe

    yuen: wow luke can be grandpa to charlie hehe

    steph: hahah thanks for all the tips except no 5, lol.

  12. Health is Wealth, just remember the simple things in life. I think most are caught up in the materialistic world that surrounds us.

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