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Of Windows 7, Rubik’s cube, mossie bites and green coloured milk.

Oh my gawd, this drilling in the apartment upstairs is killing my braincells. I can’t think straight.

And that is why, this sentence you’re reading now was written about 15 minutes after the one above because I had to lie my head down.

Last week was not very interesting except for the party because the boyfriend was on full work mode and I was kind of left alone to vege out in front of the TV. In between TV times, I managed to upgrade my laptop’s operating system from XP to Windows 7. Ladies & gentlemen, I am in love. Windows 7 is the best thing that Microsoft has ever come out with and it’s so ridiculously easy to install.

This is my desktop now, it’s so clean and sleek.

I hated the tedious, swishy swooshy interface that Vista tried to imitate from Apple but with Windows 7, it’s nothing like that and is very intuitive. Using my laptop now feels like using a Firefox browser, perhaps I should start saying “surfing my laptop” rather than “using my laptop”. I suppose the thing that stands out most about this OS from its predecessors is that it doesn’t operate on the basis that its users are retarded.

Anywayyyyyyyyyy, enough of my pimping on Microsoft :P

Also, I discovered a great way to stop mosquito bites on the feet from itching via Michelle on twitter.

# – Seriously?

To be honest, I thought it was bollocks but curiosity got the better of me so I just tried. No loss except for a short length of cheap cellophane tape.

# – Taped up foot.

What do you know, it worked! The itch completely vanished and if anyone could explain the chemistry behind this I would love to hear it!

By the way, check this out…

# – Solved!

Yes, I have solved a Rubik’s cube, or rather just one of its sides. Haze taught me some of her theories on solving the cube (while I was drunk no less) and lo and behold, it worked! On how to solve the remaining 5 sides she said I could learn another time. Being the impatient brat that I am, I didn’t want to wait much more so I googled it up but hell, those instructions might as be for building a space shuttle. Suddenly, I’m not so confident in learning about solving the entire cube anymore :P

Have resorted to drinking melon milk to drown my sorrows.

# – Melon milk drink.

They might as well call it crack milk cause this shit is addictive!!! I wonder if they have a strawberry flavoured one cause I’ll totally be lapping it all up.

# – Green coloured milk, so wrong but so right.

I think my chest has grown bigger but it’s probably all in my head. Right?

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