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Eat Smart. Look Good. Feel Great.

Here’s a little lowdown on my previous daily eating habits. I used to wake up between 10 -11am so I’d skip breakfast. In the afternoon, since I work from home, I’d skip lunch too. This was all because:

1. I’ve got no colleagues to go out for lunch with everyday.

2. I don’t like eating alone.

3. It’s hard to whip up something in the kitchen for one person.

So, for the longest time I just worked through lunch time with no food in the stomach. By 5.30pm, I’d be so exhausted and famished that I would have to lie down and sleep it off till the boyfriend came home to take me out for dinner, my first and only meal of my day.

Not exactly the healthiest way to live eh? For one, not eating is the easiest way to gain weight because the body goes into starvation mode, which in turn reduces calorie burning. Secondly, before the sun sets, my body and mind would become really tired till a point I could barely function. Like I mentioned earlier, I’d then take a nap which leads to my inability to fall asleep at night. It’s such a vicious cycle, all from just not taking lunch.

Anyway, let me digress a bit. Are you one of those people who get a nasty feeling of wanting to eat a big plate of hokkien mee right after a successful session in the gym? Whether it’s an emotional reward or a physiological reaction, well, I’m one of those people. So I was recounting my problems to this good friend of mine who is an avid user of Horleys’ products and naturally, he introduced to me to Sculpt. He believed that my cravings were just my body reacting to the loss of nutrients during my workouts and when I began to drink Sculpt protein shakes after a workout, I really stopped craving! It was great.

Well, then I stopped working out because I’m just lazy like that and at the same time, also stopped taking Sculpt. For some reason, I felt that Sculpt could not fit in with my current sedentary lifestyle. It didn’t occur to me that while I’m not losing any nutrient from exercising, I’m still depriving it from absorbing any by skipping lunches.

So recently, when I was given some Sculpt products to try out, a light bulb moment hit me. I can’t believe how such a simple solution for my terrible eating habits managed to elude me for so long.

# – Sculpt Shaping Protein for Women.

Since a few weeks ago till now, I’ve been substituting Sculpt protein shakes for lunch as well as snacks.

# – The protein shake powder comes with a cute little scoop.

It’s so easy to make, just two scoops of the powder and add cold water or fruit juice. Shake, and see it quickly transform into a creamy pinkish concoction that smells yummy.

# – The Summer Berries flavoured protein shake is tasty and fulfilling.

Besides the Summer Berries flavour, there are also Banana Smoothie and Cafe Latte, which were my favourites for midnight suppers :)

I was also given some Sculpt bars to try, and they’re surprisingly delicious!

# – Raspberry Chocolate flavoured Sculpt bar.

I mean, c’mon. Protein bars are known to taste gross. Took me a while to even give it a go the moment I took my first bite, I was blown away. The bar is rich, chocolatey and fruity. It’s so bizzare. How could something taste so good has only 160 kcalories????? I’d have one of these instead of the shakes to break the monotony a bit.

# – Look at this picture makes me want to eat one now.

The Apricot Chocolate flavoured Sculpt bar is equally delicious and if I could have my way, I’d eat one of each everyday!

And wow, I felt the difference from the very first day. The lethargy, hunger pangs, and murderous thoughts completely disappeared. In fact I’m feeling more energetic and productive! I no longer take late afternoon naps which compromised my work and deprived Charlie of attention. Also passing motion (ahemm!) is such a breeze now which I realised is attributed to one of Sculpt’s ingredients, Inulin; a soluble dietary fibre.

And now, every evening after dinner, I’m able to walk Charlie for about 2km without feeling like I was going to keel over and die. But the best of all is certainly this…..


I lost weight! I’m now standing at a diminutive 53kg and I didn’t even try! My weight used to hover between 56-58kg easily and I had always told myself that I’d be the happiest woman on earth if I managed to shave off 5kg and what do you know, here I am…..light as a feather, hehe.

# – 53 kilograms, baby.

I like Sculpt because it’s not those themogenic protein shakes that turns you into a Duracell bunny and worse, gives you heart palpitations. Sculpt uses ingredients that aid fat loss like whey proteins and soya which are known to suppress appetite, support the immune system, improve digestive system, encourage antioxidant production and reduce cholesterol levels so it’s very gentle to a woman’s body. Sculpt is available easily at all Watsons and Farmasi Vitacare.

# – Watsons.

# – Farmasi Vitacare.

For me, the things that really stood out for me while taking Sculpt are that I don’t get crazy cravings anymore and I don’t feel lethargic from lack of nutrition. I like how Sculpt makes me feel fulfilled as if I had taken meals normally and the feeling lasts for hours!

# – Sculpt’tache :)

I have 20 sachets of Sculpt Shaping Protein to give away for the first 10 commenters (2 sachets each) of this blog post, so leave a comment with your active email address and be on your way to a healthier lifestyle!

You bet I’m going to continue taking Sculpt as lunch replacements instead of plain starving myself. Before I go, here’s a Sculpt mantra for all you ladies out there – Eat Smart: Look Good: Feel Great.

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House Renovation Update #4 – Tiling the bathroom and smooth walls!

This morning I dropped by the house to check on the progress of the bathroom tiling. I’m so happy with the tiles we chose, the bathroom is looking exactly the way we wanted, perhaps even better ;)

# – Tiling of 2nd bathroom.

Pictures from my crackberry are not doing justice to the tiles. They are 2′ x 1′ textured homogeneous tiles in grey colour. The floors will be laid with same type of tiles but in a much darker shade of grey.

They haven’t started on the master bathroom because of a slight variation in tiling pattern so I’m really excited to see how it’s going to look like.

We got our tiles from this place called One Stop Home Design in Jinjang (address & contact below). They have a pretty good selection of tiles and reasonable pricing in my opinion.

One Stop Home Design
No 76 & 76A & 76B,
Main Road Jinjang South,
52000 KL.
Tel: 03 6259 4563/6259 4562
Email: diamarble@yahoo.com

View of 2nd bathroom from outside the 2nd and 3rd bedrooms

# – The Before.

# – Current progress.

As you can see all the walls inside the house have been skimmed and smoothened too. I totally recommend skimming your walls because it makes a lot of difference to the overall look of the house.

Just a little while more to go!!!!

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