The house.

As some of you might know, we’ve just bought a double-storey terrace house in Bandar Sri Damansara. We’ve lived here in BSD for the past 5 years and have grown to love the quiet neighbourhood, the various good food nearby and its accessibility to NKVE, MRR2, LDP & Penchala Link without being too near to high density areas. Of course, it helps that Papa Rich is also opening right at our doorstep and there’s always a nice, clean park in Desa Park City to walk emoCharlie. All we need now is a 24/7 KFC and we could count ourselves jackpot winners.

Anyway, it was a very stressful time for us buying the house because of rogue agents and ill-informed owners. One of the reasons we were in so much pain was also because we were only focused on one residential area. We did check out places like USJ, Kelana Jaya, SS24 etc but in the end we realised that we had been looking everywhere but home.

Long story short, we popped up early this morning to have a final inspection of the house with the property agent. We’ll be getting the keys tomorrow. Been dreaming about this for years and finally it has materialised :)

Credit is where credit due, my bf is the one that has been working diligently towards getting our first home and this is really all his doing. I’m very, very, very proud of my man. Neither of us are from rich families but we’re living a pretty damn comfortable life all because of my babyboo. You’re my rock and I love you so much. I’ll let you play more badminton lor…

As for me, the only think I’ve probably contributed is a lot of bitching about our current apartment. Heh, seriously I don’t even know how I managed to land myself a gem like him.

So some snapshots of the place before we transform it into our humble abode.

The living room now. Must.get.rid.of.floor.tiles.

Jungle at the back of the house.

This is a 13 year old house and needs a lot of work. We’ve got so much ideas about what we want to do with it. Wiring, roofing, tiles, flooring, walls, landscaping the little garden…I’m so excited!

29 thoughts on “The house.”

  1. CONGRATS!!!! Major step! Aint nothing like your own home.

    P.s.: I watched that dog clip on your Twitter, and I had to run to the sink to puke. And then I started bawling my eyes out. Now I’m effing depressed. who the f*** is this guy? I think im gonna be depressed the whole week. :(

  2. Decorating is fun for about 1 week and then it just gets super stressful and involved you clashing heads with your 60 year old gay interior decorator, and your incompetent apartment decorators who install the ugliest carpet known to man kind thanks to your mother who now regrets her decision but decides to slash the furnishing budget by half, and then moving furniture from what suburb to another in a car not designed to move furniture so you have to pay AUD$200 for movers OKAY I’M SORRY I’M IN HELL hahahaha I love you, Kim, all the best and have fun! :D

  3. kokomon: :)

    ah pau: dont emo lah! quickly finish school and come back!

    ky: dont pokai running down the stairs ho ho ho

    yeehou: no pond for us lah…charlie pee where wor?

    bee: thanksss me too hehe :D

    hiphog: thanks gabriel!

    suanie: thankssssssssssssssss

    dreckker: thankssss :D

    whimsicaljottings: thanks :D i know, hackers already found out who he is, where he lives etc. i hope there’s mob justice. just sick man

    crash: thank you i can’t wait to tear down some things haha

    mell: heh…we’re buying everything new except mebbe for our sofa (gonna recover it can’t find any good size these days to fit the man -_-) so hopefully wont be so headache! congrats on ur new place too :D

  4. Congrats Kimberly…i believe you and your dear can really do a great job and transform this lovely house into a wonderful ones. Not easy, needs a lot of hardwork. But you both can do it ^_^

  5. congrats . . .been looking around as well . . .somewhere around the area … prefer new property but think if need be will follow ur style . .2nd hand property will be fine. \

    ALL the BEst

  6. unrealestate: interesting. i wonder why they have to do that though?

    simon: ah didnt know u live around here too. yeah BSD is quite a nice place to stay :)

    ms bloom: thanks babe :)

    moon: thanks for the support. i hope so this one will be stress free!

    foodcrazee: thanks man. yeah i think u can’t find new properties here anymore except maybe hi-rise. but bukit maluri side has some nice new houses.

    jaclyn: tq tq yeah laksa party soon at the new place!

    xes: lol yeah more badminton now, i got other things to be occupied with hehehe. thanks! :D

    aud: tq tq must come to my laksa party hehehe

  7. Congrats! Hope all goes well :)

    Make sure you get a good electrician if doing rewiring, our one sucked and we’re still having problems years later >:[

  8. I moving into my house soon after staying for 3yrs in high-rise (1.5yrs in apartment and 1.5yrs in condo) while shifted 2 times in between.

    Damn it feels so good to be moving into your own landed property. I can totally feel your excitement reading this post.

    Yea congrats on the smart move as yours must have appreciated a lot by now!

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