November 6, 2009 - Narcissism is Necessary

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Men will be boys.

My boyfriend has a weekly routine of playing badminton with his buddies. I don’t really fancy that because I’m just clingy & psychotic like that. So I always try to get him out of it, feigning tonnes of excuses to get him to spend time with me instead of his racquet and the shuddercock. Most times he accommodates but sometimes he blew me off.

These couple of weeks though, he’s been really good, spending all his time with me instead of hitting the court. I’ve been very pleased and thought he had finally come to his senses on how a majorly enjoyable company I am and how he loves me so much that he wants to spend every waking minute with me. I of course, took care not to ask him why he hadn’t been playing badminton lest it reminded him of how much he enjoys the game and decided to go back to leaving me alone for two hours and then coming home in perspiration soaked clothes that stink up the apartment.

Today, while on the way to dinner, he suddenly mentioned that he hadn’t been playing badminton for so long and he misses it. As the understanding girlfriend, of course I was forced to ask him in the most tender way, “How come you haven’t been playing, babber?”

“Cause I want to spend time with you lor”. My heart star burst into a million rays of pure love. Safe to say, I was in a great mood despite my tiring day at work.

A while later, we chatted about Charlie, our canine son. How his smell permeated his new car and all and how useful the car seat covers for pets are. I wholeheartedly agreed with him…..till he said, “Yeah, I’m planning to buy one for the driver’s seat too so that my sweat won’t get absorbed into it”.


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