Quality Street, fugu and Dionne Warwick.

I’m going on a diet. Feeling like a tub of lard, looking like it also. Where’s my chin?

Was supposed to buy shoes and ended up getting this instead.

Quality Street.

Quality Street.

I am hopeless.


Spent the whole weekend hanging out with the boo, doing absolutely nothing. We checked out Gardens. It was still under renovation, the smell of paint stripper gave me a mild headache.

And we found this Japanese restaurant that serves fugu!!!! I was so excited over it (still am, actually) but I was too full to eat a full course fugu meal. Absolutely going to try it next time and if I’m still alive by then, you will see a blog post dedicated to it.


I’m going to see Dionne Warwick tonight at the Shang. ZOMG, exciting!

++ Update ++

Just read a post from PreciousPea about eating fugu at Gardens. I think it’s the same restaurant. To be honest, I don’t think they’re serving real fugu, from the looks of it. From what I know, an obvious effect of eating fugu flesh is numbness on the tongue, but that is missing from the the blogger’s narration. And they’re even serving fugu liver…wtf…wiki said it’s ILLEGAL to serve the liver in Japan cause it’s so fucking toxic.

Real or fake fugu? RM 150 is way too much to pay for a fake thrill. I think I’m more inclined to try The Real McCoy in Japan now.

5 thoughts on “Quality Street, fugu and Dionne Warwick.”

  1. Where’s the japanese restaurant? at Gardens?

    admin: yeap, at gardens! there were two japanese restaurants I think, one with sushi belt and one without. check out the one without the sushi belt.

  2. is it the jap restaurant at the top floor?

    wonder if it’s a promo for a certain time…or is it a permanent fixture in their menu. try and do tell!

    admin: i really can’t remember which floor. refer above pls. and i will go there soon just in case it’s not a permanent fixture. will post about it :)

  3. You better be damn bloody sure the restaurant is certified to serve fugu.

    Don’t pray pray with your life.

    Death from tetrodotoxin is at least 50 percent with no antidote for it.

    admin: thanks mr. shadowfox! of course i’m going to make they’re legit lah

  4. Hi Kimberly,

    I was shocked too when I saw the Fugu liver and skin being served. But then again, I also heard that only de-poisoned (don’t ask me how) Fugu is allowed to be imported into Malaysia. As for the numbness…i didn’t feel a thing although I was so scare I might not wake up the next day! Hahaha!

    admin: after some research, i think it’s probably a not poisonous atlantic blowfish. glad you’re alive! hehe :)

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