Just read the classifieds, throw away the rest.

The mainstream media has proven its undeserving power again. Just because of one tiny and badly written article, a blogger was almost made to quit writing and the whole blogging community has been branded as pea-brained, attention seeking vultures.

What ticked me off is that irresponsible remark by a certain Mr Ng Heng Ghee. In his actual words, “What she has done reflects badly on her parents because it shows that they did not bring her up well.’ That is possibly the lowest blow ever. Mr Ng Heng Ghee, I don’t suppose you know that in societies everywhere, insulting one’s parents is possibly the lowest, most insulting thing one can do to another. Really, I’m suspicious of Mr Ng Heng Ghee’s superb parenting skills and of his own parents’.

Then again, I’m going to give him a benefit of the doubt, considering there was obviously no research put into the article, it’s too short and lopsided. What’s amazing is that the article was written by not one, but two journalists. Two journalists! 281 words shared between two people. Damn, I want to be a journalist too!

In the end, there’s nothing much we can do to undo the damage. ST has suggested that we write to The Star, but I doubt any letter would get published. We do know better afterall, and my hope is that curiousity among non-bloggers triggered by that damned article would lead to a better understanding of the blogging community.

To Jolin, I hope things get better. I’m glad that you didn’t rebel against your parents’ wish as that would just make things worse. I’m sure your parents will soon realise that you’re a sensible girl. Hugs.

Anyway, I am the Narcissist, and you haven’t seen my nipple yet. It won’t happen for goodness sake!

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