Don’t mess with me.

Humility is an extension of courtesy. It’s not a sign of weakness and it’s definitely not a sign that you could talk to me as if I’m a 5 year old. Then there is respect.

Why is it in so many relationships and friendships, when people get too comfortable with each other, they forget about courtesy and respect?

Why do people always take each other for granted?

Why is it when you’re nice to someone, they tend to think it’s ok to walk all over you?

Isn’t it sad when a relationship crumbles and you don’t even have any idea what hit you?

The truth is, it’s really simple, nobody likes to be belittled. Every thought and suggestion counts. No matter how absurd it is, noone should be put down as if he or she is retarded. Especially if he or she is far from being stupid.

When you feel the sting from my words, that is when you’ve crossed the line.

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