PPS Birthday Bash and random thoughts.

I’ve put my name on the list! I’m so excited. I have no idea what to wear! This feels like going to the prom. Kekekekkee. This event ought to be newspaper worthy. Why not? The rest of Malaysians should be made aware of blogging, cause it’s a proven source of alternative information that our mainstream media just cannot possibly deliver. Heck, it should be a social responsiblity for newspaper publishers to promote blogging.

That I’m not made for using public transportation has been reaffirmed once again. Public transportation sucks. I long for the day teleporting becomes a reality. If that’s possible, I think the next great technology spin-off would be non-surgical fat removal. That’s going to be like way cool.

Sigh. I’m freakin bored!! I need to win the lottery and go to Bali.

++ Update ++

Just found out from my Mom that the ownership transfer of the house we bought has fallen apart. I wrote about it here. Dad’s going to engage another lawyer to sue the two law firms (current owner’s and ours). This sucks big time. I hope they get fucked in the ass those lazy fucks.

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