Frogway Did Not Croak!

Thanks to TV Smith, I got a ticket to watch Frogway at Actor’s Studio, Bangsar Shopping Centre. First thought, wtf…frogs? Too random right. And what’s more, it’s a musical! The actors will be playing singing frogs? I mean seriously, I was almost sure the show is going to suck. Playing singing frogs, calling for the rain issit? By the way, it did rain the whole day.

    Katak oh katak,
    Kenapa panggil hujan?

    Macam-mana aku tak panggil,
    Ular nak makan aku – ular nak makan aku

    Ular oh ular,

    Kenapa nak makan katak?

    Macam-mana aku tak makan,
    Memang makanan aku – memang makanan aku!!!

I went anyway, what do you call it? Morbid curiosity, ya.

A sypnosis of the musical….

Eddy, a singing frog, is rejected by his pond community because frogs aren’t supposed to sing! He leaves the pond, and the love of his life, to seek his fame and fortune downriver at the Swamp. Here Eddy’s singing talent propels him to stardom with the help of two cunning agents, a Snake and a Stork. He reaches the top of the entertainment world when he gets to perform on ‘Frogway’.

But fame, fortune and riotous living take their toll on our star. Blinded by pride and rejection, he turns to the dark side and dumps his best friend Freddy the Toad. To his horror, Eddy stumbles upon a dastardly plot by his agents to rob him of his fortune before killing and EATING him.

Okay, it was good!!! Singing frogs were good stuff.

The musical opened with beautiful music played by a live band just behind the gigantic fake weed (we’re supposedly at a pond, you see). And then Mr. Thor Kah Hoong (last seen him on The Homecoming) emerged in the funkiest looking costume as Horatio the geriatric frog. By the way, Mr. Thor always reminds me of Bob Dylan for some reason.

One by one, the actors came on stage to complete the story of Frogway. Vince of Akademi Fantasia’s fame played Eddy the frog flawlessly. Okay, I’m going to say this, televisions don’t do justice to his voice at all, I’ve always thought his singing was quite so-so, but I was so wrong. Dude sang really bloody well and whenever he opened his mouth I was blown away. Ash Nair as Freddy the Toad, well, at first I thought he’s just a tad too skinny to play a toad but he really pulled his performance up a notch to make up for his slimness (envy, envy) with incredibly strong vocals and stage presence.

Helen the Fish, Shirley the Frogette, Freddy the Toad, Eddy the Frog and Horatio the Old Frog.

Ina Fabregas as Helen the Fish, well casted! Playing a fish is certainly no easy feat, but the girl sang like a pro while continuously moving her arms (to simulate fins) at the same time! Impressive stuff, okay. And her costume was soOo beautiful (kudos to Shegar, the costume designer). Her little sister, Marialle Fabregas was also in the show as one of the Frogettes. Can you believe it, only 14 years old!

There’s a Japanese frog named Shirley among the Frogettes and it’s played by Chelsia Ng. Chelsia Ng was not just playing Shirley, she was Shirley! How the hell did she get that authentic Japanese accent? I have no idea but I have all the respect for her.

The Frogettes

When Harith Iskandar and Elaine Daly came out as Smiley the Snake and Suzanna Stork respectively, the hall was roaring with laughter. He’s the funny man as usual but I have to point out that Harith’s hissing was so contagious I kept hearing hissing in the audience. As for Elaine Daly, so gorgeous, eventhough in that ridiculous wig. I’ve always known her as a model (I even had a picture of her pinned to my wall several years ago to motivate my weight loss rotflol) so seeing her act, and so well to boot, really left me in awe.

Harith Iskandar as Smiley the Snake.

Elaine Daly as Suzana the Stork, giving Eddy the Frog the evils.

I totally recommend checking this musical out. Written by Marcel Nunis, directed by Harith Iskandar and composed by Michael Veerapen, Frogway is heartwarming, the singing is fabulous and there will definitely be no shortage of laughter. Details of the musical as follow:

Show details:
23-29 and 31 Aug, and 1 Sept 2007: 8.30pm
25,26 August and 1,2 September: 3pm

Actor’s Studio, Bangsar Shopping Centre

RM100, RM80, RM60
*15% discount on Monday and Tuesday.
*50% off full ticket prices for students and senior citizens.(Only one discount applies)
*RM2 Axcess Ticketing Fee applies

03 2094 0400


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